Tamra Judge's husband made some shocking statements earlier this week on his Instagram page. Amid the latest episode of Bravo TV's "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Eddie Judge shared a statement with his fans and followers in which he revealed that when it comes to reality television, what viewers see simply isn't real.

After Eddie was accused of failing to take the mental health struggles of Tamra's oldest son, Ryan Vieth, seriously, Hollywood Life shared a report regarding Eddie's statement, which suggested that there was a script involved in the creation of the Bravo TV reality series.

On November 20, the outlet revealed that Eddie told his online audience that just because they see something on television doesn't mean that it is reality.

"Reality TV is not Reality," he wrote. "These shows are designed to get maximum reaction from the viewers." According to Eddie, fans don't write in complaints about scripted shows and they shouldn't complain about what they see on reality shows either. After all, he alleged, "someone writes the script on reality [television]." Although Eddie confirmed that reality shows aren't created in the same way that a scripted series is made, he hinted that his comments, about Ryan Vieth, were taken completely out of context.

Eddie told Ryan to 'grow up' on 'RHOC'

On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Eddie Judge said in a cast confessional that his wife, who also shares three younger children with her ex-husband, was a great mom and noted that every child is different. He then said that while some kids need to be coddled, others need to be motivated.

He then suggested that because Ryan was struggling with issues stemming from his childhood, he isn't yet a man.

Despite having told the cameras that Ryan should move on and grow up, and learn to take care of his responsibilities, Eddie said on his Instagram page that he was not implying that those struggling with mental illness should man up.

Instead, he explained, he felt that those using mental illness as a scapegoat should take a different route.

Eddie doesn't think Ryan is struggling with mental health

As he continued in his lengthy Instagram post, Eddie Judge, who suffers from aFib, said he doesn't feel that Ryan is mentally ill but doesn't believe he is using the concept as a scapegoat either. According to Eddie, his stepson is simply struggling with his life and feeling depressed. While Tamra Judge broke down during the episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and admitted that she feared her son would one day commit suicide, Eddie didn't seem concerned about the possibility at all.

In closing, Eddie said that producers of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" used statements he made about mental health in a way that would get the biggest reaction from viewers.