Earlier this month, “Real Housewives of Orange Countyreality star Tamra Judge posted a photo and a caption on her Instagram account that moved many fans. The image she shared was of her husband, Eddie Judge, hooked up to hospital monitoring machines.

She stated that she was in the waiting room while her husband faced his fourth heart surgery in as many months. Tamra also asked "RHOC" fans and followers for prayers.

That Eddie could have something wrong with his heart came as a shock to many who casually glance at Bravo’s “RHOC” show. Many viewers saw Eddie as active, working out and running CUT Fitness with Tamra.

‘RHOC’ star Eddie Judge’s heart problem snapped fans to reality

Eddie’s heart problem brought many viewers, who like the show but do not follow it faithfully, back to reality. If it can happen to a fit and active man, then, it can happen to anyone. Tamra has been reserved in speaking about her husband’s condition or sharing information about his health with viewers.

However, with fans and followers letting Tamra know that she has their prayers, their understanding, and relaying snippets of details on her social media about their conditions, she is going into more detail. As Fansided noted, Tamra has had a heavy heart with respect to supporting Eddie and worrying about him.

She has, since, let avid fans and viewers know that Eddie is doing okay.

He is recovering from the surgical procedure intended to treat his irregular heartbeat. Anyone who has felt heart irregularities totally understands how it feels to have a major, vital organ not functioning properly.

Tamra’s husband is ‘fine,’ reality star says

Eddie is definitely “on the mend,” Radar Online reported on Sunday, April 22.

A “source” also reportedly told Radar that Tamra’s husband has had his heart problem for “quite” a while now. Tamra has taken flack for going with ‘RHOC’ co-star Shannon Beador to Philly – for a Shannon’s QVC launch.

An effect of leaving Eddie during his recovery to be with Shannon was that it upset fans, who then lashed out at Tamra.

Fans pushing against Tamra for going with Shannon resulted in Tamra sharing more than she ever has about Eddie’s condition and the procedure.

She relayed on social media that it was a cardioversion to correct heart arrhythmias. She assured fans that Eddie is “fine.” He has resumed working. Tamra may have taken it a bit far, especially when she clapped back with an expletive directed at the followers she perceived were judgmental.

Bravo star claps back at show’s fans

Possibly, if Tamra had previously elaborated while asking for prayers, that the procedure meant no overnight hospital stay with no downtime people would have been concerned. Fans would remain supportive and mindful that Eddie underwent an outpatient procedure.

Tamra was rather harsh with fans and followers in stating that people should get a life and “stop judging” her and her life.

While Tamra was clearly upset with people who may have jumped to conclusions and who thought it rather cavalier to jaunt to Philly, she was not clear in letting people know the type of procedure and what it entailed. As well, people would not be commenting on her life if she had not chosen to enroll in Bravo’s reality TV program.

Regardless of what Tamra may have felt when she hurled her insults at fans, people wish the couple the best. By now, it is most probable that she does realize that without fans and viewers "RHOC" would tank.