Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, isn't missing her post-split. On November 19, weeks after the former "Teen Mom 2" cast member announced plans to divorce her husband after just over two years of marriage, Eason told his fans and followers on Facebook that he was doing just fine without Evans.

According to a report from In Touch Weekly magazine, Eason responded to his online audience, many of whom had allegedly sent him comments of concern in recent weeks.“Glad [you] people think I am taking this so hard,” Eason began in his post. “Just so [you] all know, I am so very much happier," he added.

David Eason's daughter is glad to be away from Jenelle Evans

David Eason also said that his daughter, Maryssa Eason, who he shares with one of his ex-girlfriends, was much happier without Evans in their life. "Finally peaceful,” he continued. Eason has two children from previous relationships and shares his youngest child, daughter Ensley Jolie, who turns three in January, with Evans.

As for Jenelle Evans, she has two children from past relationships, including 10-year-old Jace Evans, who she shares with her mother, Barbara Evans. The latest has maintained full custody of the child since shortly after his birth, and five-year-old Kaiser, who she shares with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

David Eason doesn't think he was in love with his wife

After sharing his post, David Eason was met by a fan who suggested that despite his message, he had to have some sort of emotional reaction to Evans' announcement about their breakup. However, according to Eason, he truly didn't. As for why, he claimed to the fan that he simply wasn't in love with his former reality star.

“I’ve realized I wasn’t in love [with Jenelle]," he explained, also adding that there are better people out there for him.

Jenelle Evans announced their split on Instagram in October

Before heading out trick or treating with her children, the former "Teen Mom 2" cast member confirmed plans to divorce David Eason on Halloween day, October 31, with an emotional post to her own fans and followers on Instagram.

In the post, Evans said that she had been steering clear of social media in the days leading up to her divorce announcement because she was focused on making the major life decision. As she explained, she's gone through ups and downs throughout her time on MTV and has shared a lot her less-than-ideal moments with viewers of the hit series.

Jenelle Evans went on to say in her Instagram post that she wants what is best for her kids, as well as what is going to make her happy. "With time away from 'Teen Mom,'" she explained, "I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes."