Laine Hardy's appeared in festivals and shows since the amazing day he walked away as 'American Idol's' winner. His gravelly, unusual voice drew fans rather than his skill on the guitar. And yet, surprisingly, he was way too shy to sing as a kid. In fact, his mom didn't even know he could sing. He was so shy about it, he'd take his guitar and head off into the woods to practice.

'An American Idol Story: Laine Hardy' episode 4 reveals more about him as a kid

The short episodes of Laine's journey's exciting for those fans who wish to know him better.

However, the latest episode takes us more into the psyche of Laine, and it's fascinating. Did you know that Laine loved the guitar so much, he'd practice until he bled? And, we talking about him being about eight-years-old at the time. If you've ever learned to play the guitar, yeah, sore fingers are part of the deal. Eventually, calluses form, but even then, a few hours gets a bit painful.

In the episode, we see that Laine just wanted a guitar and he wanted to get into it fast. But, at seven-years-old, he says he "wasn't really the best." So he told his mom he needed lessons. He went off to Jody's Music where Jody was determined to teach kids more than just a "song." Jody notes anyone can learn a song "off the internet." But, he wanted to teach Laine about his "instrument." So, that meant learning chords and things.

It took like two years before Laine could actually play something that sounded like a song. Jody recalls him at "eight years old with his little Walmart guitar." He didn't want to learn chords, but he got into it. His brother Kyle says he learned so fast it was unbelievable."

Too shy to sing, Laine sings to the trees

Once he started getting his head around music, Laine and his cousin started playing drums and guitars around the place.

Determined to get the right instruments, Laine was cutting grass, saving money, doing anything for money to get a new guitar. Jody tells how Laine managed to buy himself "a 1,300 dollar guitar." From then on, Laine "never really put the guitar down." Meanwhile, Kyle said that Laine would actually play until he bled."

So, it became obvious to the family early on that he loved his music.

But he never really sang. In fact, his mom Cindy says "as a child, I'd never heard him sing." Even Laine says he "never thought [he'd] be singing." Actually, Laine elaborated, noting that he "never wanted to sing, really." However, he thought it wouldn't hurt to try. Mind you, he also "didn't want to let anybody hear [him] do it." He'd take his four-wheeler "out into the woods and "sing my heart out," Laine says. He felt comfortable out there because nobody could hear him and he was "shy."

Cindy discovers her son, a future 'American Idol,' can sing

With Laine hiding his singing talents in the woods, Cindy had no idea he could sing. It seems that someone at school was away, so his school teacher asked him to fill in.

Cindy say's "I couldn't believe it." Barry, his dad agreed they never expected him to sing because he was "so shy." Barry said, "he was never going to sing!" As Kyle says, what came out was "an amazing voice - very different."

On being different, Laine's folks got to talking about him and his suits. Cindy says he always wanted suits even as a kid, and maybe that influence came from pictures of Elvis Presley. If you cast your mind back to the first time Idol fans saw him in a suit, he totally rocked it. That's when he played a Beatles number at Disney Aulani and came out with his trademark phrase, "Pardy with a Hardy." In a way, the new look, the different song, made fans realize there was a lot more to Laine than they thought.

Talking about that moment, both Barry and Cindy get a bit tearful. And I guarantee you probably will as well you watch that video above once more. It defined made him unique, his very own person. Cindy goes into reasons why she thinks he wears it. But, for Laine Hardy fans, they don't care too much about that. They just love that he sings, and he's the "full package."

What do you think about Laine Hardy, "American Idol" winner being so shy to sing that he went off into the woods to practice? And those bleeding fingers? Was Laine actually ever meant to be anything other the star he is today?

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