Laine Hardy's not just a pretty face and he's showing a lot of maturity about his new-found fame as the winner of "American Idol." So far, the 'An American Idol Story: Laine Hardy,' brought out three episodes that he shared on his YouTube. We saw the amazing after-the-win experience, plus more about how he finds his peace on the river and at home in Louisiana. Now, the third episode takes us into his home state, his family, and how he wants to be a role model for other kids.

'American Idol' winner Laine Hardy's got his family behind him

In the new episode, it's obvious that all the kids in the family always had the support of Barry and Cindy, their parents.

Laine's doing exceptionally well, but as Cindy points out, whatever he chose to do, they would support him. As Laine agrees, "My family's been very supportive of me." He adds, "that's why" he's where he's at "today." As Barry says, "We were 100 percent behind him." Plus, he noted that "the whole neighborhood is."

Over the years, Barry and Cindy made a plan to make sure one of them made the time to get Laine to his music lessons. Back then, of course, they had no idea they were raising a future "American Idol" winner. So, it looks like the choice to go pro came from Laine himself. It looks like he really never was a star in the making from toddler age. Actually, we see that quite often with sports stars who start young and get pushed by their parents.

But it was Laine who chose his direction in life.

Laine made a choice for music rather than sport

Fans of "American Idol" know that Laine started playing the guitar early in life. Possibly, that influence came from his elder brother Kyle who, as we know, is a musician himself. Kyle says that Laine Hardy has this "if you gonna start something, you gotta finish it, mentality." As Laine explains, he "used to play sport and the guitar." He adds, "But it got really hard for me." Eventually, he "had to choose between one or the other."

However, Kyle says that his dad gave Laine the option.

The year he "chose not to do [sport] it gave Laine more time to spend on the guitar." Laine agrees, saying his dad said, "Do it if you're happy with it." Now, years on, Laine's becoming more famous by that day. Definitely, his fans seem thankful that Laine had the chance to pursue his music career. What they love about him, are his humble ways, his clean-cut image, and his down-to-earth character.

Role-model to other kids is Laine's current ambition

Now, Laine's in a position to become a role model for other kids. His dad Barry says that's what Laine wants. He sees it on Laine's "social media." Laine agrees with that as well. He says he wants to be the right kind of guy so youngsters "can look up to him." So yeah, while it's nice to think his main priority could be to top all the music charts and become ultra-famous, he's making sure to use his success to inspire other kids.

Wrapping it up, Barry thinks that their kids "know how to make the right choices," as they're "grounded in family." As his mom, Cindy says, "even if he says he wants to do something else, the family "would still support Laine." Like most parents, they also wanted their children to be something "better" than them.

And, not all parents can do that.

And Laine, the "American Idol" winner says now, "[he'd] like to "make Louisiana proud." He adds that he also wants to "make [his] parents proud of [him]."

What do you think about Laine Hardy wanting to be a role model to other kids? Do you love that more importantly, he wants to make his parents proud?

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