The woodstock 50 festival has been facing many hurdles that have put the organizers on the back foot. One of these was the funds because its financial backers refused to release funds. They claimed the right to cancel the event entirely. Next was the withdrawal of some big names like Black Keys. The festival will now relocate to Merriweather Post Pavilion in suburban Maryland. It can accommodate up to 32,000 but is far away from the original Woodstock site in Bethel, New York. In fact, it is 250 miles away. The dates of the festival announced are 16-18 August.

The Guardian says the plan to shift Woodstock 50 to another venue is an effort to salvage the half-centennial celebrations. It faced issues of delay in the release of tickets, pulling out of its financiers and non-participation of some celebrity stars. An official of Maryland’s Howard County said Merriweather Post Pavilion seized the opportunity to save this festival. He says it will help “bring a piece of American history to our community this summer.”

It all started in 1969

Michael Lang is one of Woodstock 69’s original promoters.

He decided that the original site in Bethel, New York was not large enough. They wanted to move to a larger venue but due to financial problems were unable to make the necessary payment. Obviously, they lost the right to that venue, which was also in New York. Their next option on a venue in the city did not materialize because the local officials were not happy with their safety plans.

That is when Maryland entered the scene. Calvin Ball, an official of Howard County took the initiative.

The Guardian adds that challenges remain because many of the stars might not agree to perform in an event so far away.

Big names draw the crowds and in their absence, the festival could lose its charm. There is a demand to release artists from their contracts. Anyway, organizers have modified the purpose. Instead of promoting it as a commercial festival, it is now a fundraiser for groups to promote voter turnout. The climate crisis is another subject that will gain attention. In view of the proximity of the venue to the capital, the revised name is Woodstock 50 Washington. Tickets are $129 to $595 for a one-day pass and the tentative market could be 800,000 considering the reach across Washington DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia.

Jay-Z will not perform at Woodstock 50 festival

According to CNN, there were reports of rap star Jay-Z being a part of the lineup of Woodstock 50.

However, that is not happening. Musician John Fogerty has also decided to give it a miss. The 50th-anniversary celebrations have faced a series of setbacks. In April, its financier decided to delink and even said they would cancel the event. However, its promoter Michael Lang, one of the creators of the original festival in 1969, said the firm could not take such a decision and went ahead. Its new venue will be in Maryland instead of the one in New York. The organizers had announced names of Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Chance the Rapper. It remains to be seen who finally appear on the stage.