"90 Day Fiance" fans saw Ashley Martson and Jay Smith in season 6 of the TLC series. Then they popped up on "Happily Ever After?" Now fans heard that Ashley's quitting the show. However, that's not new news. After all, Ashley said they quit the show after fakery reveals back in February. Some fans wondered how come the couple popped up in the spinoff "90 Day fiance: Happily Ever After?" However, it seems her decision to quit came after the actual filming of "Happily Ever After." Now, reiterating her leaving the franchise, it looks like we may still see her on TV again as she dropped a major hint.

Ashley originally quit the '90 Day Fiance' franchise in February

Back in February, Radar Online reported that Ashey said, "We filmed ‘Happily Ever After’ and we have notified them that we quit the show...The final straw was when our story started to become inconsistent because of what we were being asked to hide and not tell followers.” Actually, haters of the "90 Day Fiance" couple were relieved to hear the news.

In fact, the fakery allegations reported by me via Blasting News at the time revealed, "In a continuation of a long splurge of stories, Ashley said that "We have been asked to be very deceptive about many things during our run with the show. She went on to say that they agreed with TLC to fake the status of their relationship.

In fact, she made out that if she did not fake it that she would breach her contract with TLC." Not long after that, she announced they quit.

New news of Ashley quitting the show came on her Instagram

Now, the issue of Ashley quitting "90 Day fiance" came yet again. Maybe, the "Happily Ever After? season drawing to a conclusion, motivated her to speak out yet again.

In a very long Instagram post, Ashley wrote about now the show's "approaching the final episode," it's a good time to thank her fans and supporters. She seems happy enough to have had the experience even though it never ended "how anyone wanted or anticipated."

Despite taking so much flak from her followers, and all the drama associated with Jay, she feels it's not something she'll "regret or would take back!" Bidding farewell, Ashley specifically thanked "TLC and Sharp Productions" for their support along the rough and rocky road with the now-detained Jamaican, Jay.

As she also mentions, this whole road into her life "taught[ her] something." Hopefully, she takes to heart the "meaning of love and heartbreak and many other lessons" she learned while "filming this show."

Will we see more of Ashley in another TV program?

Despite all the hate and negativity, it looks like Ashley's ready to accept that she needed to learn more about herself and that being on television gave her that opportunity. She ended her post with, "I realized that there is a lot I need to work on with myself. I know through all this I have learned some valuable lessons." Obviously, "90 Day Fiance" fans thought that's the end of Ashley Martson, with haters hoping it's the end of Jay being annoying.

However, that may not be the case.

On her Instagram Stories Saturday night, Ashley answered a Q&A for "90 Day Fiance fans." One of those questions was, "What are you planning on doing, now you're done with the show?" Ashley replied, saying, "I will share with you guys as soon as I am able to." What we do know though, is that if she does move onto more TV work, it won't be on a show involving dating foreign guys. Speaking on that, she said, "No offense to anyone but I won't be doing that again." But there were other indications that TV is not ended for her.

Ashley never said she would be on TV again

Many fans of Ashley lamented not seeing her on television again but wished her all the best.

When Johnny Donovan, who's IG profile says he's a media correspondent for Celebuzz said his "goodbye," Ashley responded. She said, "@johnnydonovan I’m not going anywhere all I’m saying is season 4 of Happily is coming to a wrap! Never said I wouldn’t be on your tv screen again!"

When another fan asked her if she would be on another TV show, Ashley replied with "zipped mouth" emoji. Well, it looks like despite all the lessons she learned on the "90 Day" franchise, being overly cryptic and flip-flopping was not one of them.

What do you think about Ashley Martson quitting the show? Do you think that's the end of her on television? What about her hinting at more of her on a TV show?

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