"90 Day Fiance" fans were suspicious for a long time that Ashley Martson and Jay never actually separated. Actually, starting around Christmas time, confused fans started losing track of whether they lived together or not. In fact, in an article published to Blasting news on December 31, fans slammed Jay Smith and Ashley for toying with them and faking their story.

'90 Day' fans feel duped

Anger got the better of fans as there seemed to be a constantly changing story about Jay's whereabouts. "90 Day Fiance" fans started accusing the couple of "faking their story" for the ratings.

They resented it when one day the couple were having a fun run-up to Christmas time and the next day they closed all comments, took down posts and unfollowed each other. When Jay posted up how sorry he was and how sad it all was, right in line with an episode that just aired, people thought something was up. Especially as just days before they seemed happy and in love.

Recently there was a huge amount of lashback. Soap Dirt reported that "Things started to go downhill after Jay accidentally went live on a fake Instagram account. It is the same page that leaked photos of his Jamaican wedding with Ashley." Apparently, Jay went live while enjoying the New York Fashion Week with Ashley. However, they still professed to not be together.

Outraged fans feel the various GoFundMe's could also just be a scam. Ashley admitted to the fake social media account, saying on her Instagram story, that "Jay was wrong" to keep a fake account.

Ashley Martson blames TLC for frauding their relationship status

In a continuation of a long splurge of stories, Ashley said that "We have been asked to be very deceptive about many things during our run with the show.

She went on to say that they agreed with TLC to fake the status of their relationship. In fact, she made out that if she did not fake it that she would breach her contract with TLC. Additionally, she said that they are unhappy with the amount of deception they had to participate in and worry it could affect Jay's immigration status.

The fallout from all of this also saw some sponsors fall away as Soap Dirt noted that Gottex Studio dumped her. Another fallout is even more likely now as Ashley took all the ranting about how she and Jay are the victims to new heights on February 10. In yet another story she says she just broke her non-disclosure agreement with TLC and could lose any money from the show going forward. This came after she said they were told the show was just entertainment and not totally real life, so they rolled with it.

Jay and Ashley Martson never separated says Ashley on Insta Story

Her latest Instagram Story actually sees Ashley stating that they never separated. "Since I'm such a "Money-hungry scammer," I'm breaking the NDA and surprise: Jay and I have never separated since the day we got married." She added, "We were made to act as if our relationship was no longer." She adds that this will affect their income on future shows and also mentions others in the cast warned them about the deceptions.

Well, for Ashley, the deceptions are over, whether it came from TLC or from some silly idea that she and Jay concocted. However, for TLC it may just be the beginning. Actually, if they did tell the "90 Day Fiance" couple to lie about their relationship, some hard questions may be asked of them. InTouch Weekly also covered the story of the rather shocking revelations by Ashley, writing, "90 Day Fiance" star Ashley breaks silence on the fake Instagrams and ‘separation’ from Jay." This of course, only added fuel to the fire of fraud.

Fans flock away from Ashley, Jay and '90 Day Fiance'

The bottom line is that a promising couple upset "90 Day Fiance" fans to the point where they flock away from their social media accounts.

On Twitter, here's what some of them had to say about Ashley, Jay, and TLC:

  • @Lenalee12090480: "It is scripted and they are expected to do and be what is told. Ashley took it too far and went to the dark side."
  • @carolineintheuk: "To be fair maybe they had one altercation but I believe her that @tlc manipulate storylines & the real housewives said this. It ruins the show though as now I think most of it is fabricated. Shame TLC got so many trashy cast members it came back to shoot them in the foot @TLC"
  • @HalleFan7171: "It would be sad if #90dayfiance was all fake but I'm pretty sure @tlc producers do not tell Ashley and Jay to set up gofundme accounts under false pretenses. Ditto Larissa."

What do you think about Ashley Martson admitting that she and Jay never separated? How do you feel about her blaming TLC? Do you think they made her tell lies?

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