General Hospital spoilers tease that Hayden may be the one who has been caring for Nikolas and that when he returns they might renew their relationship. If anyone has been harboring the Cassadine prince, it’s more likely to be Valentin. If there is one woman who desires a shot at love with Spencer’s dad it would be Ava. Nik and Ms. Jerome were becoming quite close when he allegedly died saving her life. Nikolas took the bullet that was intended for Ava and she has never forgotten his sacrifice. Sibley the psychic told Julian’s sister that Laura’s son’s spirit was not in the other realm, so now Ava may be on a mission to find out the truth.

Ava and Nikolas possibilities

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Hayden and Nikolas could reconnect but she was engaged to Finn and has his child somewhere out there and she is also close to Jax. Ava and Nikolas were getting close, prior to his alleged death. and Ms. Jerome is grateful he took a bullet for her. Recently, on “General Hospital, Ava said she wanted to find love again, then later the psychic told her Nikolas was not in the realm of the dearly departed. On Friday Julian’s sister him she was off to investigate something so she might talk to Valentin about the day he shot the prince.

There is so much bad blood between Nicholas and Hayden, that the likelihood of their hooking up again is small.

Soap Hub mentions the psychic’s comments and along with what Ava said to Julian this is probably leading to her somehow having a role in his return. “General Hospital” viewers will recall that Ms. Jerome thought she found the Cassadine prince in Russia but it was Jason. Perhaps now is the time the two of them will reconnect.

Spencer loves Hayden but became estranged from Ava when she would not testify in court against Valentin. When his father is found alive the teenager could possibly warm up to her again.

Nikolas and Ava are both broken

The Cassadine prince and Ms. Jerome are both broken souls who come from a life of privilege yet lived on the dark side.

Both fight their inner demons and desires to do wrong. “General Hospital” spoiler alerts have no details regarding how Nikolas will return to Port Charles or where he has been all this time. This information will no doubt be revealed soon so stay tuned. The biggest question is whether Valentin will be kicked out of the Cassadine mansion because Nikolas did sign everything over to him.

Be sure to continue watching “General Hospital” weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM. The return of the Cassadine prince is going to be epic in Port Charles and also a ratings booster. Time will tell what happens to Valentin and whether Ava, Hayden or someone else will become the mistress of Windermere. In the meantime just seeing Spencer and his dad reunite will be worth the wait.