"Little People, Big World" patriarch, Matt Roloff, made it clear in the recent season of the show that he wanted Amy to go for a buyout. He and Caryn looked forward to the day they could sort out his own home, while at the same time, letting Amy stay in the original house if she wanted to. Increasingly, Matt and Caryn spend time in Arizona, which sounds preferable to Oregon, judging by their social media. Plus, Matt often travels for speaking engagements and business purposes. Now, the pumpkins, planted some time back, need rain and it's raining.

That's very good for the farm. However, Matt feels the best part of it is that he's not actually on the farm.

Matt Roloff, rain and the pumpkin farm in 'Little People, Big World'

Pumpkin Season's only around three and a half months away on the Roloff Farms. Usually, they hold the event in October. So, the heavy rain shared by the farm bookkeeper's good news. In fact, some time back, Matt reassured fans of "Little People, Big World," that this year the Pumpkin Season still comes to fans of the TLC show. So, we need not worry on that side of things after the buyout got accepted by Amy. While they plan to renovate the home Matt's in, he and Caryn spend quite a bit of time away from the farm these days.

Probably, fans can meet him again this year at the Pumpkin Season festival. Matt's got loads of people helping with the farm. It's certainly no one-man-operation. Established farms grow into businesses that need maintenance people, pruners, thinners, pickers, packhouse overseers, supervisors, managers, quality controllers, bookkeepers, workers, personnel and planning administration and more.

Plus, he's got Zach helping out and he grew up with the pumpkins. Certainly, he's capable of holding the fort on the farm for a few days.

Matt's in Arizona and loves the fact there's no cool rainy weather

In his Instagram post about the rain on the farm, Matt wrote, "Well... the good news is it’s raining at the farm ..giving my babies (pumpkins) plenty of water..

the better news is...I’m Not there. I’m in very very sunny Arizona enjoying some 104degree bone warming pool time :)). Yay!! I got my timing right this time! Video=courtesy Shannon our bookkeeper."

Of course, fans of "Little people, Big World" went in and posted their comments. Those who love the Oregon weather said Matt would soon tire of the heat. However, he replied and said, "sometimes...it’s a matter of personal preference. My kids are all true Oregonian they and thru and [thru] love the wet PNW. I’m a California born guy. The heat does me well. rain...Not so much."

Replies and chat between Matt Roloff and 'LPBW' fans

It sounds like Matt's in a good mood at the moment, as he replied to a few comments from "Little people, Big World" fans.

When user @dep** wrote, "Dry heat makes me happy too! Thank God for AZ!" Matt agreed totally with them. Others asked who's looking after the farm, but as mentioned above, between competent line management and Zach, probably they manage just fine. Anyway, these days, a live chat's just a moment away. Hopefully, the farm doesn't get too much rain!

Matt Roloff's happily away in AZ, but that does not mean the farm is totally off his mind. He previously posted that he hopes his "baby pumpkin plants survive a few days without me." Perhaps we can assume that was a bit of a joke. Matt Roloff certainly doesn't come across as the kind of guy who employs incompetent people, after all.

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