Tori Roloff Photography is a passion for Zach Roloff's wife. Fans often see her post up stunning photos of little Jackson. Actually, she also shares images of some portraits she takes for other people. She mainly enjoys portrait photography and she's really getting good at it. Some of her latest Instagram posts really blew fans away, as they're beautiful. Now, in a Q&A she gave some tips to "Little People, Big World" fans on how she manages that.

'Little People, Big World' star, Tori Roloff loves her photography

Tori certainly got her confidence with her photography since the days when she asked fans of "Little People, Big World" for any tips and ideas.

These days, on her "Tori Roloff Photography" IG account, she's telling others how to capture that perfect shot. Really, her latest photos posted up in IG capture her family beautifully. Plus, fans always compliment her on the adorable way she captures her son Jackson.

She invited people to a Q&A on her Instagram Saturday night, June 15. Many people asked Tori various technical things about getting the light right, and even about movies and video-making. Tori told them she mainly does portrait photography. However, the one for tips on movie-making should come from her brother, Jacob Roloff. As she says, he "freaking good" at it.

Q&A with Tori Roloff on taking photos

Questions and answers flooded in, and here, I chose what I thought may be the most useful answers for budding photographers.

Q1: "Do you use any editing software for color?

TR: "I use Lightroom for editing."

Q2: What camera do you use?

TR: "I have a Nikon D860." She adds that she "loves it."

Q3: "Good lenses to have?"

TR: "Lenses make all the difference. I have a Sigma 35mm 1.4 Sigma Art Lens that I use on 90% of my photos. I also have a Nikon 105mm 2.0 that I LOVE to play with.

I have a 50mm 2.0 but honestly, don't use it much."

Q4: The best starter camera for photography?

TR: "My first camera was a D3000 and I learned a lot with that camera! It's a lot more affordable than a professional camera but still allows you to experience a DSLR.

Q5: Do you shoot over or under-exposed?

TR: "I always shoot slightly over-exposed.

It's easier to edit for me and a lot of times you can avoid any grain."

Q6: Do you try to take photos facing the sun or away? Does the sun look good in your photos?

TR: "Direct sunlight is extremely hard to shoot in. I try to find shady spots that have a nice backlight. An hour before sunset is THE best time for photo taking."

Other useful information from Tori Roloff

Other useful information that Tori dished out included adjusting the camera setting in full light scenes. She recommends "a fast shutter speed around 2000 and a low iso around 100." Tori also mentioned that shooting toddlers like Jackson need a high shutter speed. In fact, she often shoots photos of "Jackson at "around 1600."

Tori also gave some advice on starting out.

She suggests that people just practice taking photos as often as they can. She also said that people should "take [their] camera everywhere," adding that you should "make your friends and family shoot with you.

What do think of Tori Roloff sharing some of her tips on photography in her Instagram Q&A? Do you wish you could take photos like those she snaps of Jackson? Is her advice useful to you?

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