"90 Day Fiance" fans either sided with Larissa Lima or with Colt Johnson (Coltee) during season six of the TLC show. Their story didn't go away yet, as they appear on the spin-off "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" Their toxic relationship ended in divorce and divorce parties, and now, Larissa faces court on May 30 that could see her sent back to Brazil. In the meantime, Colt (Coltee) got something of his life together and started working out. In fact, he's losing some weight, as evidenced by some of his Instagram photos. Colt also shouts out paid ads on IG, as most Reality TV people do.

Now, it looks like he may have started a new gig on YouTube where he's reading books. Perhaps he'll build it into a voice acting career.

Coltee may have the new gig going on YouTube as a book reader

Okay, I need to emphasize that the word "may" is very important. You might think that if you watch a person on the television often enough, and listen to their videos on Instagram that you could immediately identify that same person on YouTube. However, it's not so easy. The YouTube Channel named "Colteej" uses the same profile picture and name as his Instagram account. However, there's nothing under the "About" tab. The account only has two videos on it and these show someone who is a dead ringer for Coltee reading books.

Colt Johnson, if that really is who it is reading the books, actually sounds quite good. Not to mock, but he might even try and launch a career as a voice actor one day. However, so far the channel had three views and 2 subscribers. Considering the "Colteej" Instagram accumulated 73k "90 Day Fiance" followers, this dismal number could prove to be one of two things: Either Colt decided to start reading books online for the blind, or for kids who need to hear a bedtime story and works to build up a library of vids before announcing it.

Or, on the other hand, this could be a parody account. You would have to watch the YouTube videos to satisfy your own mind. Personally, I'm not sure. You can see one of those videos below:

Coltee of '90 Day Fiance' grabbed loads of haters, but that's TLC's normal

It's way too easy to hate on people like Colt and Larissa, Ashley Martson, Jay Smith, and the rest of the TLC "90 Day Fiance" franchise.

Mind you, it's not solely confined to TLC. People across all forms of reality TV get hated on. However, so much of it really is witty and some group chats are hilarious. Pretty much, every reality star knows people slam and slander and everyone gets a good giggle. However, that's different from real trolls who say some terrible things form the safety of their remoteness.

Discounting real trolls, half the fun is getting onto social media and laughing. Hopefully, some of the reality stars like Coltee sometimes giggle at the old episodes as well. Plus, the introduction of "Pillow Talk" received fan' thumb-ups, because, basically, that's exactly what alums of the "90 Day Fiance" franchise do on that television show.

However, it becomes too easy to laugh and joke and point fingers at people. So, if this really is Colt trying something new by reading books on YouTube, hopefully, people cut him a bit of slack. It's not hurting anyone, anyway.

If it's not Coltee and is a parody account, then TLC should reach out to them and tell them to worry about inadvertently running into Larissa Lima.

What do you think about Coltee maybe having a YouTube gig reading stories? If it is him, do you think he has a good chance at growing a voice-acting career?

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