"Days Of Our Lives" (DOOL) spoilers confirm that Kristen is the fake Nicole. DiMera will have a violent crisis, which could put her in grave danger. DiMera will make sure to bring Brad on his side, who will seduce with a sensual kiss. The fake Nicole will continue to deceive everyone, manipulating them with Holly's death. However, as the latest "DOOL" spoilers suggest, Eric will have in his hands a vital clue that will make him understand that Nicole is lying to him. At that point, he will start investigating Nicole, who will risk being exposed once and for all.

'Days of Our Lives': Nicole and Brad kiss, Eric furious

The latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers tell that Nicole will continue her criminal plan to bring Eric to the limit. Now fans know that the fake Nicole is actually Kristen DiMera. The woman uses Holly's death to her advantage to manipulate everyone around her. How will Kristen react when she discovers the truth about Holly and that she has been deceived in turn? In the next episodes of "DOOL," Kristen will involve Brady in her shady plans, so she has an accomplice to rely on in case of difficulty. Kristen will be quite convincing, as she will seduce Brad with a sensual kiss.

The kiss between Brad and Kristen will trigger Eric's anger, which will then be pushed to the limit of endurance.

The fake Nicole is deceiving all of Salem, as she is devastated by the pain of Holly's loss. Eric will be blamed by the fake Nicole, sinking even deeper into the abyss of despair. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry,' we can, however, assure you that several characters will begin to suspect the fake Nicole, starting to investigate her.

Eric discovers a clue that could unmask the fake Nicole

Other "DOOL" spoilers reveal that Eric, after his initial anger, will go back to Nicole and try to make peace with her, not knowing that he is actually in front of Kristen. Eric, with all his good intentions, will apologize to 'Nicole,' saying that he acted like that only to come out of the depression caused by the loss of Holly.

Despite everything, Eric can't forget Nicole and wants to do everything to save their love. Fans, however, wonder why Eric hasn't noticed that Nicole isn't who she says she is.

Probably, the pain of Holly's death has clouded Eric's mind. However, other "Days of Our Lives" spoilers ensure that an important clue will warn him. What is this about? The 'Ericole' will soon have to deal with thorny issues, which could cause complications and trouble for both of us. If the fake Nicole is likely to end up in prison, Eric could slip into the tunnel of depression, having been deceived by the woman he believes he loves. Stay tuned for the next "Days of Our Lives" spoilers.