"90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" rumors came out towards the end of April that Jay Smith was summonsed to appear in front of an Immigration judge and faced deportation. I reported on that after John Yates, social commentator, released leaked papers via Ashley Martson. Back then, the date set for his hearing, if true, was May 8. Today is May 8, but Ashley's not talking about Jay Smith's court day. Instead, on her Instagram stories, she's justifying why soon we'll see them doing a photo shoot.

The muddled relationship of Ashley and Jay Smith on '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'

If you've been following "90 Day Fiance" season 6 and "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?" you already know about the muddled relationship between Ashley and Jay Smith. So, not to bore you, but for those that don't know, they faked a split in "90 Day Fiance." Since then, they lost loads of credibility. Onward in time and Ashley filed for divorce for a second time after more cheating drama.

In fact, at one time, Ashley said he got someone pregnant, which Jay denied. Then, Ashley took up with Michael Cox as her "new man," or so Ashley said. However, that post got taken down and news emerges that Jay and Ashley reunited.

That came at the TLC "Happily Ever After?" premiere party. During all the drama, Ashley threatened Jay with deportation and a leaked summons to appear before a court arrived online. Sarcasm noted the court date as May 8.

Court day for Jay Smith but Ashey talks a photo shoot

Seemingly unconcerned that leaked documents, that may or may not prove to be genuine, have Jay in court today, May 8, Ashley's busy justifying whey we'll see both of them in a photo shoot shortly.

Now, that just seems very odd, given that if things go wrong for Jay - if he is in court- he may never make the shoot. In fact, best he takes along his suitcase, as he may never get to go home, wherever that is. It depends on which story Ashey's peddling at whatever time.

It's hard not be skeptical of anything Ashley says these days.

So much of it comes across as fake and drama for the ratings. In fact, many fans of "90 Day Fiance" simply don't believe anything these days. Anyway, now Ashley says in an Instagram Story, to expect photos of a shoot they have lined up for today.

The photo shoot's been on the cards for ages, which is why both participate

In her story, (posted early May 8, Ashley writes, "Today is the day! I received a message almost 9 months ago from someone who watched our show. She wanted to do a barn-themed photo shoot for Jay and I because we didn't get our dream wedding in America.

She is the sweetest woman ever'. Then at the bottom of the photo in the story, Ashey justifies why we'll see her and Jay doing this photo shoot. And, recall, she did say "today is the day" - Today May 8.

Ashley continues, "This has been planned for months and months. Although I wish the situation was much different, many people put in a lot of hard work to make today possible. There was no way I could back out," she adds. (However, personally, I think lots of people might think a day in court would justify that). Anyway, moving on, she continues with, "People flew in from another state to be here today.

Jay and I agreed a long time ago to be part of this and today we will do the shoot." Finally, Ashey notes that it all looks stunning already and she will "share on her photo stories, throughout the day."

It looks like the ICE court appearance got ditched, according to Ashley Martson of '90 Day Fiance'

Well, go figure, and no doubt lots of people will tag their comments with "smh." Court day, or photo shoot day?

What's going on you might ask? Well, expect no straight answers from this couple. It's all too tiring to keep up with them and shades of twisted truths.

What do you think about it supposedly being Jay Smith's court day but Ashley Marston talks an upcoming shoot that features both of them on the same day. Plus, she justifies it all and mentions it's gonna take the whole day to update the photos.

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