"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say that Sam will be in danger, as she will do the initiation ritual to enter the sect of Shiloh Archer effectively. As we know, the woman has tried in every way not to be discovered by Shiloh. In fact, Sam is just an infiltrator at the DoD, intending to recover the recording left by Kristina as proof of loyalty to the sect. The time has come. Sam will undergo the initiation ritual, which involves total submission to Shiloh, a tattoo, and drug use. However, the latest "GH" spoilers reveal that Jason will rush to the community home, savagely attacking Shiloh.

Is it the end of the day for the head of the DoD?

'General Hospital': Sam no longer has a way out

The new "General Hospital" spoilers draw attention to the situation of Sam, who will have to deal with the insistence of Shiloh. Archer has many enemies in Port Charles. In addition to Jason, Molly also wants to stop the madness of the sect's leader. Molly can't forgive Shiloh, guilty of destroying the life of Kristina who, fortunately, is safe for now.

However, Molly doesn't know that Sam is plotting against Shiloh. Instead, she is convinced that Sam has let the DoD subjugates herself as Kristina. Molly will do anything to protect Sam but ends up getting the opposite effect. The woman, in fact, will go too far with Shiloh who, for her part, will take it out on Sam.

Shiloh beaten to death in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Shiloh will be savagely beaten by one of his enemies. However, a new hypothesis is making its way. Other "General Hospital" spoilers say that the sect of the community will hear gunshots. Who has entered the den of the DoD armed with a gun?

Let's not struggle to imagine that the mysterious character has bad intentions towards Shiloh. Meanwhile, Sam is ready for the initiation rite, which involves a creepy process. Future adepts have to tattoo the DoD symbol on their bodies to take drugs and have sex with Shiloh Archer.

Just in that delicate moment, someone will arrive in time to save her.

In all likelihood, it's Jason. The man knows he has to act soon if he doesn't want Sam raped by Archer. According to the latest "GH" rumors, Shiloh will wake up in a hospital bed. However, Sam could continue to carry out his plan and stand by Archer's side. The evidence that exonerates Kristina is still hidden in the community house, and Sam is ready to do anything to retrieve that recording. Anything can happen, and we are sure that there will be shocking moments in Port Charles. Will Sam be able to save Kristina and keep Shiloh's madness at bay? Stay tuned for the next "General Hospital" spoilers.