"90 Day Fiance" brought so many spin-off's it's almost crazy. From "90 day Fiance" to "90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days," "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After," to the upcoming show, "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way," there seems no end to them. Of course, throw in "Pillow Talk" on top of that, and there's a lot of people looking for love with millions of people interested in either loving or trashing them on social media.

It seems there's no end to the demand for these types of Reality TV shows. Mind you, there also seems to be no end to those willing to put their love lives out there for the public.

Now, Lifetime, the creators of "90 Day Fiance" announced a new series called "Marrying Millions." It's yet another reason for fan groups on social media to form so they can discuss all the will-it-won't-it-work side-issues. How on earth can we possibly keep up with all these Instagram accounts? Obviously, people like John Yates, social commentator, and Twitter's Reality Steve need to start cloning. You can view the preview by Lifetime further down in this article.

'Marrying Millions' promises more relationship drama

People revealed the new series comes in July and yes, it's another reality TV show about love and relationships that just might work out. As you would expect, they all love each other, but there's no guarantee things work out happily with family and friends.

Obviously, gear up for lots of "90 Day Fiance"-ish drama. The series comes with possibly one welcome relief --nobody's planning on needing a K1 Visa. However, there's another difference this time: The couples probably won't need to start a Go Fund Me, as at least one of each of the six couples is a millionaire.

According to people, "Lifetime will feature six real-life couples on the new docuseries, 'Marrying Millions." They add, "one of the partners is incredibly wealthy and the other is not — leading to intense scrutiny and questioning about their motivations.

Additionally, we'll all get to see the drama as they attempt to bridge their differences and fit into each other’s worlds."

The 'Marrying Millions' couples on Lifetime from Texas

First up are Bill and Brianna in Dallas, Texas. Bill's described as an actively working multimillionaire founder of a "real estate company." Now, here's a story that may give the ho-hum to viewers as he's much older than Brianna, not to mention very much richer.

Never mind the rocky road to riches of the "Vanderpump Rules" cast and getting hated on, Brianna went straight from server to love-interest when he stopped by a restaurant. Yawn - there's a forty year age difference between them, so you can start prepping those memes right now. They're in love and she's his third shot at love with two wives under his belt already. Will Dallas "high society" accept her and will she take to the "finer things in life?"

Staying in Texas comes another couple from Dallas. At least they may get to be friends with Brianna and Bill if Dallas high society rejects all of them. Anyway, Katie's much older than Kolton, and they met when her 18-year-old daughter's buddies showed up at the house with the wanna-be rapper, in tow.

They apparently only just hit it off and hooked up a few months back. Expect the family to freak a bit like "The Family Chantel," as his folks never met her yet. Mind you, her giant bank balance after her divorce from "baseball star Josh Hamilton" may smooth the way somewhat.

Yet another "Marrying Millions" hopeful comes with a real estate background where loads of moolah accumulated in the bank. This time, the woman's the one with wealth unlike Bill in Texas. Gentille contracted a company to work on "one of her developments," People noted. Brian, just getting by on his paychecks arrived in her life and won her over with humor and "charm." Brian won't deal with family issues on her side, as she has none.

However, expect that Gentille's friends flick their beady eye over his real intentions. It all goes down in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Three other couples in the '90 Day Fiance'-style show

Next up we see Drew and Rosie and this time he's also in construction but unlike Brian, he's the one with the money. He's based in Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys a multi-million dollar lifestyle. Meanwhile, the lucky girl, Rosie, who caught his eye happens to live-at-home with mom and dad and is a college grad. Drew takes her to romantic and "fancy dinners" and splashes out on anything and everything she needs or wants. The drama in this relationship's likely to come from her mom and dad who simply can't seem to buy into it.

There really seem a lot of cross-overs in this "Marrying Millions" show by Lifetime. This time we have another rapper. Only, unlike Kolton, this time he's a successful and wealthy guy. He made his moolah in the tech industry. Looking for love with him is Kate, four years older than he is. They "met at a business conference she attended...where Shawn was the keynote speaker," according to People. Afterward, a romance sprung up and he's not shy when it comes to spending money on her. However, she's rather keen for the longterm hitch, but he worries about his career ambitions and seems reluctant to actually slip an engagement ring on her finger.

The last couple features Megan from a "working-class family in Southern California." Job hunting, she pitched up for an interview at a company Sean's involved in.

He's worth tens of millions, but you gotta wonder about his time management skills as when he failed to make the interview appointment, after 15 minutes, Megan left. Following up on social media, Sean liked what he saw and pretty much hassled her for a date for over a year. That worked and now they have a child. Five years later, they feel marriage might be a good idea, but it seems their associates, family friends, etc still have issues with them pairing up.

"Marrying Millions," the "90 Day Fiance" type of show with a bit of a twist premieres July 10 at 10 PM ET on Lifetime.