NeNe Leakes is notorious for setting other people's emotions on fire. However, this fan isn't getting the clout she possibly intended with her video confrontation of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star. Reportedly, according to I Love Old School Music, the woman in the video is Instagram user Tiana Barr. Apparently, Barr had to "read" Leakes after her friend was allegedly disrespected.

According to ILOSM, NeNe Leakes' airport altercation started once Barr approached the RHOA star regarding friend Sheneaque Tisdale. The woman claims that Tisdale attempted to speak to NeNe Leakes but was shrugged off in a disrespectful manner.

Tiana says the reality star gave her friend a "yuck face, like 'girl don't touch me'." That's when the woman continued her rant concerning her distaste for Leakes.

She says the RHOA actress is supposed to be a "role model and idol." However, in her eyes, she's acting like nothing of the sort. Barr also mentions that she had to "tell her about herself," and at that point, they both allegedly began talking "reckless" toward each other. Tiana notes there was a point where NeNe Leakes even threatened to fight her. At the end of the situation, the Instagram user states that the "RHOA" star called security on her. According to her, she found out first-hand that the actress is just as her co-stars say.

But people are coming to NeNe Leakes' defense

In the above Instagram video's comment section, several people have shared their thoughts about Tiana Barr as well as her friend. Specifically, many feel that her friend should've never tried touching NeNe Leakes without her permission, no matter how excited she was to see her. Another fact that fans point out is that Leakes looks to be twice the woman's age, hinting a certain level of respect should come first and foremost when approaching her.

Likewise, even "Real Housewives of Atlanta's" official IG page chimed in on the matter with a few words of their own. In accordance with everyone else, the show feels like Barr is simply "clout chasing" for social media. "Showing out for the cam," the page mentions. "RHOA's" IG page says that Leakes clearly stated that she was on the phone at the time.

And along with many other celebrity comments, it seems that Tiana Barr's airport attempt was foiled.

People should keep in mind that celebrities are regular people, like everyone else. The same way you wouldn't walk up to a stranger expecting to hug up, this is the same way celebrities should be treated. Just because a person is famous doesn't mean s/he lacks boundaries and welcomes everyone inside her/his personal space. So, it's very possible that NeNe appropriately reacted to the woman. Who knows how she was approached off-camera, right?

What are your thoughts?