"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers announce the return of Hayden Barnes. The woman is devastated for her child, who may be suffering from a mysterious disease that could soon lead to death. Most likely, in Port Charles will unravel a storyline very similar to that of Oscar Nero. Hayden will desperately ask Hamilton for help in the hope of saving her child. Finn will work hard with himself to find a suitable therapy and, more importantly, a diagnosis that can give hope for treatment to the child. In all of this, Hamilton will reflect on his relationship with Anna.

His love affair will be overshadowed, as Finn's sole goal is to prevent the child from tragically dying. It cannot be ruled out that Hayden and Finn will be back in action.

'General Hospital': Hayden's dramatic secret

"GH" latest spoilers say we'll see the return of a beloved character in Port Charles. It is Hayden Barnes, who had long since moved away from the city. Several months ago, Hayden asked Hamilton Finn for help, but the storyline ended in a rather mysterious way. Only now do we know the reason for the medical consultation. Hayden may have a very sick child, who risks dying at any moment. The situation is not as simple as it seems. As we know, Hayden gave birth to the child secretly and then disappeared from Port Charles.

How come she hasn't been seen in town since she learned of her child's allegedly serious illness? The poignant "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Hayden has a goal in mind. Will Finn be able to save Barnes' child before it's too late? According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, fans hope that Hamilton will find a therapy for the little child, preventing from dying as happened to Oscar Nero.

The 'Fayden' couple could get hot again in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Hayden's drama will eventually bring her closer to Hamilton. The doctor will do anything to save the child and, in this complicated medical journey, he will realize that he still has feelings for Hayden. The child, who is probably Finn's, could bond with him and forge a special relationship.

These unfortunate characters will find themselves united more than ever because of this drama.

"GH" latest spoilers reveal that Finn will reflect on his sentimental situation. Is Anna really the woman he loves? Without a doubt, Hamilton's relationship will be overshadowed. What will really matter to him is saving his child's life. Will Hayden and Finn be back on the scene? We can not rule out that the couple 'Fayden' returns hot in the coming episodes. Stay tuned so you don't miss out on the next "General Hospital" latest spoilers.