"American Idol" spoilers come from the various polls carried out by Gold Derby. Ahead of the Final 14, the Hollywood Race poll and prediction site had Alejandro Aranda sitting with a clear lead over Laine Hardy. At that time, it looked very much as though the Top 3 would be Alejandro, Laine Hardy, and Jeremiah Harmon. Now, ahead of 'Queen Night,' those positions still look solid, but Laine's narrowing the poll votes between him and Alejandro.

Previous polls and odds between Laine hardy and Alejandro on 'American Idol'

On April 12, looking at the polls on Gold Derby, it showed that Alejandro sat with a comfortable lead, grabbing 47 percent of the audience as their favorite to win "American Idol." Back then, Laine held 16 percent, with Jeremiah Harmon sitting behind him, but well ahead of Laci Booth who held four percent of the audience poll.

Wade Cota and Walker Burroughs tied at three percent.

At that time, there was a 31 percent difference between Laine Hardy and Alejandro Aranda. That's a huge gap, as at the time lots of other singers were still in the running. As the eliminations started emerging, that left a nationwide voter base with fewer artists to poll for. And, that seems to be where those who lost their favorites may now switch to Laine. Of course, with polls, there should always be some give and take, as humans become subject to change. In fact, many previous voters may stop voting at all, while others may simply go and watch "Game of Thrones."

The gap narrows on 'American Idol' between Alejandro and Laine

While the polls may not always be predictable, they are a useful guide.

Since the Top 14, the remaining artists all sang their Disney songs and now go on to do 'Queen Night' and movie duets. The current polls changed and show a narrowing between Laine and Alejandro. Where before they faced off at 16 percent to 47 percent, they now sit at Laine with 22 percent and Alejandro with 39 percent. That's still a significant gap for Laine to chase, with a difference of 17.

However, before he trailed by 31. So, technically, he narrowed the gap by almost half in the Top 8.

Of course, this weekend we'll see more eliminations, and that's going to make it tighter and tighter for the voter base and these two artists. So, it's hard to say which way it swings after 'Queen Night.' Bear in mind the "Save Vote" for the judges still survives.

Only a once-off opportunity, all it takes is for them to use it and that could throw all the polls and predictions out. Plus, it stands to reason that singer performance could affect votes. While Laine looks safe, he seldom looks as comfortable singing duets or group acts.

Other spoilers say Walker Burroughs and Alyssa Raghu leave 'Idol' on Queen Night

Judging by YouTube and social media, it looks like Walker Burroughs and Alyssa still find much favor with fans of the show. However, over on the Gold Derby Polls, their predictions say to expect Walker Burroughs and Alyssa Raghu leaving on 'Queen Night.' That once again could ride on the judges. Remember, Katy Perry already voted Alyssa Raghu through in the contest.

Plus, Katy's fav is said to be Laci Booth who Gold Derby says looks "vulnerable" right now with only six percent voters' choice in the poll.

However, we can't say what the judges end up doing with this "Save Vote," so for now, we can only run with information to hand. According to Gold Derby, Madison Vandenburg also looks a bit shakier at nine percent. Of the remaining artists in American Idol, Walker Burroughs, Madison, Laci, and Alyssa "earned just 20% of the total tally to date," they noted.

That's it for now, so until the show, we can only encourage our favorite singers by following them on social media. EW says that the contestants "will perform from the [Queen] catalog, mentored by none other than "American Idol" alum and current Queen frontman Adam Lambert.

After that, they "pair up for their classic movie duets."

What do you think about Laine Hardy seemingly narrowing the gap between him and Alejandro Aranda to win? Do you think these polls really reflect what the audience think of the singers? You can find out by tuning into ABC this Sunday.

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