Mark Grossman has been confirmed as the new Adam on "The Young and the Restless," with a projected first airdate around the middle of May. Viewers, however, have been given not one clue of what will transpire that leads to his return to Genoa City. Victor has been keeping secrets from his family and left town again immediately after Neil Winters memorial service. Nikki was flabbergasted as her spouse asked her to be patient and trust him. He told her he would eventually tell her everything, but for now, she and Victoria, as well as loyal fans are still in the dark.

The Newman patriarch's activities, as well as details related to the return of his son, continue thus far to be veiled in secrecy.

Adam's return remains a mystery

Celeb Dirty Laundry rehashes the details of what led to Adam Newman's alleged death for new "Y&R" viewers. Chloe drugged him then set the cabin on fire that he was waiting in for his wife and son. There was an explosion and nothing was left except for DNA verifying that Victor's son was dead. Now that the prodigal is returning, one big question that needs to be answered is when did the Newman patriarch realize his son was alive? The storyline for the last two-and-a-half years did not give any indication that Victor believed his son was alive, because he went after Chloe, and allowed Nick to marry Chelsea.

Soap Opera Spy teases that Victor will keep his promise to Nikki. This may be a long time coming and does not take away her disappointment because he left immediately after Neil's service. Spoilers believe Victor is caring for Adam and preparing to bring him back to Genoa City, but details have not yet come forth. The mystery of where he's been for 30 months will no doubt be unraveled bit by bit.

Adam and Nick will be at odds

All of Genoa City will be stunned at Adam’s return and the Newman family will angry. They will wonder why Victor kept such a startling secret from them. Head writer Josh Griffith is probably working overtime trying to make all the pieces to this puzzle fit together. “Y&R” fans will be watching each episode to find clues.

One person who will have mixed emotions when Adam comes back will be his brother. Nick will have to deal with the possibility of losing Christian and his relatives taking sides.

Should Chelsea and Conner come back to town, things will become pretty complicated as both Newman brothers were married to her. Viewers have two weeks to brace themselves for Mark Grossman’s version of Adam to show up on “The Young and the Restless.” Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update information on Adam’s return. Continue watching what happens in Genoa City each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 EST.