"American Idol" 2019 sees the start of the American audience voting for their choice to win. The potential winner rankings probably will fluctuate as the show goes on, but for the time being, the boys lead the pack. According to a poll on Gold Derby, the site that predicts the Hollywood Races for the Emmys and much more, Laine Hardy and Alejandro Aranda are top choices. While the recording for this weekend already took place on Friday, the polls will open for people to send in their votes this weekend.

Ranking winners poll for 'American Idol' has boys leading

Laine Hardy, the alum from last year never made it to the top 20, but this year, he cruised to the Top 14. Alejandro Aranda sits in the poll at Gold Derby as the top choice by voters. Laine Hardy comes in at second, with Jeremiah Harmon (11 percent) holding third place. As of Sunday 5 AM when I cast a vote, this seemed to have changed a bit from their write-up. Laine held 17 percent of the poll, up from yesterday's 16 percent. For ease of reference though, let's look at the figures Gold Derby predicted on April 12.

According to them, Aranda runs away with 47 percent of the vote as the winner of "American Idol 2019." Following Liane Hardy in third place is Jeremiah Harmon.

So far, the trio feature as the only contestants in the poll that scored in the double digits. The boys get interrupted by Laci Booth, holding four percent of the vote, then comes Walker Burroughs and Wade Cota at three percent.

Lower rankings see some 'American Idol' contestants with minimal votes

Some surprising names come up way down the bottom, with not enough votes to register at even one percent.

These include last year's alum Alyssa Raghu and the other is Eddie Island. Just above them at one percent we see Dimitrius Graham, Uché Ndubizu and Riley Thompson. Meanwhile, "90 Day Fiance" alum, Evelyn Cormier sits with two percent choices. Ashley Hess and Madison VanDenburg also sit alongside Walker and Wade at three percent.

Laine Hardy, Alejandro, and Jeremiah Harmon could face off in Idol's final three

On the face of it, at least as it stands right now, we could see Laine Hardy, Jeremiah, and Alejandro battling it out in the final three. Nevertheless, this poll is just that, and polls may not really predict with too much accuracy. After all, some voters may change their minds when they watch the contestants perform.

Concord Monitor reminds us how it all works from here on. "Performances by the final 14 will air on Sunday night, and the public will then vote on their favorite singers. Based on that vote...contestants will move ahead. They’ll perform a “victory song” live on Monday, while the remaining seven will perform live for the judges.

The judges will choose which three of those seven will round out the top 10. After that, two contestants will be eliminated by public vote each week, until the winner is crowned on May 19."

Who do you think deserves to win - Alejandro Aranda or Laine Hardy? Or do you think the girls will perform better with voters on the night?

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