"I Am Jazz" fans recently saw Jazz Jennings undergo gender confirmation surgery, hook up with boyfriend Ahmir Steward, and try to leave home. Now, Jennings looks toward college as she completes high school in May. She spoke to People, who report Jazz hopes for admission to Harvard to continue her education.

Harvard ranks atop Jazz Jennings' college choices

Fans of "I Am Jazz" sometimes forget she's still a school pupil. In fact, her fight for gender rights and her major role in her own TLC show disguise the fact that she's so young. Nevertheless, TV Shows Ace notes that sometimes she acts a little immature, as in throwing a bit of a sulk when her parents would not allow her to leave home.

However, as she's only 18-years-old, we should expect a few teen-tantrums now and then. However, high school ends for Jazz in May, and her thoughts turn towards college.

Speaking to People, Jazz noted that Harvard's her top choice and that she already "had an interview with [them]" and she "thinks it went really well." Jazz went on to say that she really hopes they accept her "because it’s definitely one of [her] top choices.” However, like any sensible young person, Jazz also looked at other colleges.

Other colleges Jazz may consider

During her interview with People, Jazz did not rule out other colleges. In fact, she mentioned Pomona in California and Princeton. Actually, she already did an interview with Princeton as well.

However, at this time, she awaits the application outcomes. Therefore, she can't say exactly which college will end up as her destination."we’ll just have to see where I get into," she said.

Jennings naturally became exposed to sensitive and discriminatory behavior from a young age. Because of this, she took on many social issues over her young years, becoming an icon to the transgender and LGBTQ+ community.

Obviously, she feels this could be a direction for her career path. She hopes to help young people break free from the old-fashioned ties that bind them. Therefore, her studies may run in that direction.

Courses Jazz may consider taking at Harvard or another college

Jazz can't say for certain which courses she should study to continue to help people.

However, she said that potentially she may consider "Gender studies. Philosophy, maybe even Religion. Communications, Journalism, Writing. All those things.”

Jennings obviously knows her mind. All her life she aimed at being something she wanted and need to be. Now, it looks as though she's got lots of things figured and out. No doubt, her pursuit of higher education will see her determination result in her achieving top grades. Hopefully, she lands a spot at Harvard.

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