"The Young and the Restless" fans asked, and they are about to receive because Malcolm Winters and Paul Williams are both returning to Genoa City. Former head writer Mal Young received such a backlash for firing Doug Davidson that he himself lost his job. New head writer Josh Griffith is obviously listening to the viewers because Paul is scheduled to be back in action on March 25. Griffith also got Shemar Moore to agree to return to his old stomping grounds for the farewell to his brother on the show Neil Winters. Kristoff St. John who portrayed Neil passed away on February 1.

"Y&R" will have a final goodbye to the character sometime in April.

Shemar is back for Neil's untimely death

Soap Dirt reveals that Neil Winters will die and his brother will return to Genoa City. After Shemar Moore left the role of Malcolm, Darius McCray who portrayed Eddie Winslow on "Family Matters" was the recast. Spoilers have not yet announced by what manner Neil will meet his demise, but only say it will be tragic. The character was last seen the first week in February, shortly after his portrayer, Kristoff St. John passed away.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that St. John's autopsy results were in and the coroner ruled his death accidental, alcohol-related and heart disease. Eileen Davison who left "The Young and the Restless" in October will be returning for a few days the last week in March.

Her character Ashley Abbott recently dated Neil, so perhaps she will also agree to return for his memorial service.

Paul fires Rey

On Tuesday, Rey received a phone call he did not answer, and viewers could see that it was Paul's name that was on the screen. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that when police chief Williams is back in action, the first thing he will do is to fire Detective Rosales.

Rey hired two crooked cops to help stage an escape for the cover-up crew, and although they are not guilty of murdering J.T., Rey must answer for taking matters into his own hands, and spoilers don't say whether he walks away or appeals the decision.

Josh Griffith has not yet revealed the fate of the Rosales family, so viewers don't know if Rey, his wife, and siblings will stick around Genoa City or not.

In the meantime, longtime fans will enjoy seeing Doug Davidson and Shemar Moore reunite with their castmates, even as they mourn the loss of Kristoff/Neil.

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