"I am Jazz" premiered this year on January 1 at 10/9c. However, on January 22, it returns to its normal time slot on TLC at 9/8c. TLC showed a sneak peek on Instagram, involving the gender confirmation surgery. In it, the surgeon says that Jazz is the "most difficult case" he ever encountered. In fact, her operation to get proper girl parts down below has never before been done.

Don't miss 'I am Jazz' in the new slot

Jazz Jennings garnered a huge following despite the controversy of being such a young transgender who opted to go the whole hog. Whether you approve or disapprove of her desire to become a girl, if you are an avid follower of the "I am Jazz" TLC show, then you won't want to miss out because of the changed time slot.

Remember to tune in on Tuesdays at the new time of 9/8c from tonight.

These days, social media means that fans of the show often get to see Reality TV stars in real life long after the TV Shows were actually shot. While it takes something away from the series, that doesn't mean people won't actually watch it. In fact, we know from Jazz, who shared a postoperative picture in June that her surgery went fine. She captioned it with "i’m doing great, thanks for all of the love and support."

TLC's sneak peek shows Jazz heading into theater

In the sneak peek TLC posted up on Instagram yesterday, the clip ran for just a few minutes. It opens with Jazz waiting for her surgery. Her parents are with her, but they look more nervous than Jazz does.

In fact, Jazz says she's "been waiting for this" her whole life. Next, the cameras cut to pictures of her growing up as cute little boy, but they quickly show Jazz dressed as a little girl with long hair. Cutting back to the adult Jazz, she says that "it's time."

Her mom is tearful and she says that she's just "happy for her" before kissing her goodbye.

On her way into surgery, Jazz says "it's like a dream." Well, it seems her surgery procedure really wasn't the kind of dream her surgeon expected to ever face. That's because "it's the first time" this radical surgery "has ever been done," he says. Later, the surgeon comments how Jazz is "the most difficult case" he has "ever encountered."

Followers react to Jazz Jenning's girl parts surgery preview

Jazz has many loyal supporters who believe she's leading the way in the LGBT community.

They believe she does an admirable job in bringing awareness about those people who feel their physical gender does not match what they feel they really should be. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • @maxine.miller.33633: "I love this brave brave family and Jazz. Thank you for sharing your story im sure you are helping a ton of kids out there."
  • @marilyn_dgs_: "I’m so happy for @jazzjennings_ Good luck sweet girl! "
  • @karenimfeldsmith: "I'm praying this surgery (well, it already happened in July.) helps her with her depression."

Nevertheless, many people seem unable to accept that Jazz will ever be a real girl, no matter what amount of surgery she has. Most of their comments really cannot be quoted in a family news outlet.

No matter what though, TLC surely got their hands on a story that's guaranteed to get good numbers of viewers for some time to come.

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