"Counting On" fans heard via the media, TLC, and social media that Jessa Seewald and her husband Ben are expecting another baby. The news came out hours after sharp-eyed fans already spotted something about Jessa that clearly indicated pregnancy to them. For once, those people who speculate pregnancy have the last laugh over those who scold them for discussing things like that on Instagram.

'Counting On' fans talked pregnancy on Jinger's shopping post

Jinger Duggar went to her cousin Amy King's new clothing boutique. With her were her sisters Jana and Jessa.

One of the photos showed the ladies holding their shopping bags and that raised the first eyebrow. People first noted Jessa's leggings, and then the way she held her bag. It shielded her from knee to waist. The way she held the bag straight away had people suspicious she hid a baby bump. Bear in mind, this came well before the noon pronouncement by People yesterday.

The baby arrives in spring so Jessa could be anywhere between four to six months on. "Counting On" follower, @516ab, struck gold when they wrote, "I do think Jessa has her bag strategically placed. And her cardigan isn’t loose and flowy....it looks filled out. Maybe #3?! I hope so! They make adorable babies." They got scolded for talking about intimate things like pregnancy, but surely there's a bit of gloating going on now the news is out there.

Actually, other people also commented that they thought Jessa looked pregnant.

Jessa Seewald's child will be her third

Jessa and Ben have two sons already - Spurgeon and his little brother Henry. It will be interesting to see if a girl gets thrown into the mix. However, "Counting On" fans cannot tell the gender of a child in the womb despite their eagle-eyes!

In her Instagram post announcing the pregnancy, Jessa directed "Counting On" followers to the link in her bio that navigates to the Seewald Family Blog.

On the blog post, it said, "From the day we found out we were expecting, we both guessed boy, and if our predictions are right then we already have a ton the clothing and accessories ready to pass down!" Nevertheless, the couple certainly doesn't mind if a girl comes along, but they may need to "learn a few things."

Not much gets by sharp-eyed fans

"Counting On" fans dedicate a lot of time to watching reruns of the series and inspecting every social media photo by the Duggar family.

They do the same with other TLC shows, and MTV's "Teen Mom." Most times, they predict things that never come to pass. Nevertheless, this time they really came out on top of the prediction list.

What do you think of the photo Jinger Vuolo posted up showing Jessa Seewald at Amy King's new boutique? Is her pregnancy as obvious to you as other sharp-eyed followers?

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