"90 Day Fiance" is full of drama, but now blood was shed, perhaps things really are going too far. "90 Day" insider, John Yates shared a video of Larissa bleeding, and it was not too clear what happened. However, his other posts did give some light to the backstory. Now, Larissa's been arrested according to a notification that John shared from her friend Carmen. Larissa and Colt clashed in the past when Colt alleged she assaulted him. That was in November and she feared she would face deportation.

'90 Day' domestic abuse is over the top

It certainly looks like Larissa's been turning to John for some kind of guidance.

However, it's not too clear what the backstory is. Here's the timeline as far as I can figure it out from John's tweets.

9 hours ago: Colt called the police after he and Larissa argued. Larissa posts a video showing a nasty red and bloody scratch on her face. In the video, she says he was hurting her. She scratched his lip because of that. However, "he called the police first," she says in the short video clip. She looked very distressed and afraid. Even John Yates felt this was no act.

Timeline of alleged violence between Larissa and Colt

8 hours ago: The police arrive at Larissa's place.

Her phone is dying. Advice is to get out but it's too late. It may have had something to with cheating or perhaps some kind of p*rn, as Larissa indicated he wanted to do something called "ghee the coos." About the same time, followed a post where she alleged Colt is a pedophile. Additionally, John shared what were purposed to be p*rn receipts that "set the whole thing off."

A friend sent a photo of Colt to John Yates showing the bloody lip that Larissa talked about.

John felt that in fairness, he should share it as well as Larissa's side of things.

Larissa heads to Carmen's house for medical attention

Larissa later went to her friend Carmen where John reported she got medical attention.

But this came after Larissa shared that Colt tried to "kill himself." She noted there that he tried to take advantage by calling the police. Additionally, she claimed Colt just wants money from "90 Day Fiance."

Six hours ago, presumably after the police left, Larissa was at her friend's house. The post that John shared much later had some text that read, "I was nervous thinking I would be arrested today because when I tried to call the cops, Colt toke my phone and called the cops on me.[sic]"

Larissa allegedly arrested

In his final post just around an hour back, John Yates adds that he heard that Larissa was arrested.

Apparently, he got the news from Carmen. His tweet showed a picture of Larissa and Carmen together.

Larissa and Colt had a stormy relationship in this season of "90 Day Fiance," but blood indicates something is certainly very wrong. So far, no other confirmation other than John's posts have come out. The drama sounds very scary and hopefully, TLC will make some kind of announcement before long. The show gets its ratings off drama, but domestic violence made so public is hardly something viewers want to see.

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