Hunter King will soon be on air once again on "The Young and the Restless." Her character Summer was sent out of the country to work for Jabot, but now she will return to Genoa City which indicates trouble is on the way. Spoiler alerts tease that a lot of drama is coming up for the About and Newman families and the daughter of Nick and Phyllis will no doubt be in the middle of it. Her parents have reunited, her grandfather accused of murder and Kyle has moved on with Lola. Her grandma began drinking again and was hit by a car which was driven by her cousin.

Hunter King is trouble as Summer Newman

Soaps She Knows reports that Hunter King was seen on the set of "The Young and the Restless" taking a break, alongside her co-stars who portray Fenn, Kyle, and Mariah.No air date has been given, and she is not mentioned in recent spoiler alerts. Celeb Dirty Laundry does indicate that her loved ones will be experiencing a lot of drama in coming weeks and Summer will no doubt be right in the middle of it.

There was a lot going on before Summer left Genoa City and CDL reports that it is going to get even more hectic. Ms Newman was upset when she found out that her parents had a one-night hookup. She will really be frantic when she finds that they have moved in together.

Summer also tried to break up Kyle and Lola without success but now that she has returned will more than likely cause trouble for them.

Summer wreaks havoc on Genoa City

Summer will return to Genoa City to find that Victor is being charged with the murder of J.T. Helstrom and her uncle Jack is dating Kerry, the new Jabot chemist.

The spoiled rich princess will find out that Nikki was drinking and hit by a car, so her entire family is dealing with serious issues. She will also have to face Billy who only went to bed with her to get back at Phyllis for sleeping with Nick. Once she gets over her shame of being used, Ms.Newman may want to strike back at the man who treated her so badly.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Billy and Victoria will be slowly rebuilding their relationship, so Summer may decide to tell her aunt about the one night stand. Vicky would place all blame on her former spouse because he is supposed to be older and wise than her impetuous niece. Whatever happens, viewers know that Hunter King's character will wreak havoc on her family and friends.

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