"Sister Wives" star Meri Brown's totally okay with the Flagstaff move. Just yesterday she posted up about how she looked forward to unpacking a pile of boxes. The next day, she posted up about how she is totally okay with Flagstaff as she spotted a peeping deer.

Sister Wives paradise has Meri thrilled

The tranquility-seeking and artistic Meri seemed very taken with the view through a window. Actually, it wasn't a view of the mountains, but rather, a deer peeping at her. Meri managed to capture the moment and shared the photo to "Sister Wives" followers on Instagram.

She captioned the post with, "Ok if this is the welcome to the day greeting I get every morning, I'm ok with the move to Flagstaff!"

You can view the picture further down in this article. Obviously, those followers with a similar love for nature, or experience commented on it. Some people, it seems, meet or greet deer on a daily basis. Meanwhile, many people only dream about that type of lifestyle. The photo's lovely and at least one follower hoped that Meri would set about painting animals in her new home. Probably, that will have to wait until Meri's all unpacked, as evidenced by her previous post.

The peeping deer that made Meri Brown's day

The deer that made Meri's day, looked so cute. What a way to start a day!

And, not just this day, but every day. Followers of "Sister Wives" posted nice thoughts about the photo and the fact that she seems so happy. Here are some of the comments from her followers, who seemed as thrilled as Meri about the peeping deer:

  • homeschool_4real: "He’s checking out the new neighbors ."
  • kathysmythstewartofficial: "Little peeping Tom there. Lol."
  • csartain123: "That is awesome meribrownoriginal!!"
  • jessmac96: "I was trying to work out if that was real or not! How cool!"

One user posted up some potentially very good news for Meri.

They noted that sometimes Elk migrate through the area. The same commenter, @baseballnana12, suggested that she gets a "canary outdoor camera" as Meri may "be surprised what you might see." Other fans noted that they see similar things daily in Tennessee.

Meri Brown's creativity could take a new turn in Flagstaff

Meri's paintings tell us she's very creative.

Now she's living in such a lovely place, perhaps that creativity could take a new turn. Maybe Kody will splurge out on a really nice camera for Meri? Fans would love to see more wildlife photos by Meri.

What do think of Meri Brown living where the deer walk by and peep into the home? Do you hope she paints some animals? Would you like to see her get into wildlife photography? Stay in touch with news about "Sister Wives" by checking the Blasting News Reality TV channel often.