"Doctor Strange" actor Benedict Wong says that filming could begin for the sequel. Marvel Studios has not made any comments about future plans following Avengers 4, besides "Spider-Man: Far From Home," which comes out a few months later.

The rest of the filming slate is a mystery to fans, however, reports have shown how the next few years could be shaping up. James Gunn's firing from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3," left a major hole. ScreenRant says the film was originally scheduled to hit theaters in May 2020.

Marvel fans have continued to speculate what could replace it, and it appears the best option would be "Doctor Strange 2."

Marvel silent on possible 'Doctor Strange' sequel

Marvel's silence on any Phase 4 films doesn't hurt "Doctor Strange 2," but no serious reports have indicated that any movement is happening. There were reports alleging that Benedict Cumberbatch was getting a pay raise, as he returns for the sequel. While there has been silence on the project, Benedict Wong has said the film could begin filming later this year.

Benedict Wong made the surprise announcement during a panel at Fan Expo in Vancouver. Wong said that he really wants to start filming before 2018 is done, which only leaves two months for the sequel to begin filming.

Marvel execs have hinted at a potential sequel

Previously Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has said that a "Dr. Strange," sequel was being developed, but has not actually said when it would hit theaters. Comicbook says that filming "Dr. Strange 2" this year would make it a leadoff film for Marvel Studios in 2020. It would also make Dr.

Strange a strong lead character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.

While Marvel has been silent about the current status of a sequel, "Doctor Strange," director Scott Derrickson has indicated that he will return and that there has been movement in regards to the sequel. Derrickson deserves to return as "Doctor Strange," received major praise and brought in almost $700 million worldwide.

"Doctor Strange," screenwriter Robert Cargill previously mentioned his plans for a sequel, though his status as a writer for the sequel has not been confirmed. Cargill had previously said that Marvel films have succeeded in having more than one villain in them, hinting that his potential sequel could involve Nightmare and Baron Mordo. While nothing has been officially confirmed, fans will just have to wait to hear what is really going on with the future of "Doctor Strange," and whether we will actually have a sequel.