Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate an explosive next few weeks are coming, for a number of people, due to misinformation that is being spread. Last week, Steffy saw Bill kissing Brooke and immediately told her father who called his wife out regarding the smooch. Unfortunately, Steffy misread the entire situation and, had she stuck around a few moments, would have heard the entire story. Her mother-in-law told her former father-in-law that she loves Ridge and will remain faithful to him. Now Brooke's marriage may be in trouble and Dollar Bill is in danger of retaliation from the Forrester brother.

Steffy seeks revenge on Brooke and Hope

On Friday Ridge confronted his wife about kissing Bill but the show ended before Brooke could give a reply. Soap Hub says the couple will have a bitter argument this coming week and hurl accusations at each other. The spoiler also indicates that Steffy shares her tale with Hope which suggests that she is not really over Liam and seeking revenge on the Logan women.

Steffy blames Bill for setting up the situation that led to her marriage falling apart. She is angry with Hope because she is now Liam's wife and resents Brooke for defending her daughter. By Telling Hope that her mother kissed Dollar Bill, seeds of discord are being sown that will keep the families dealing in strife.

Ironically it was Steffy who initially wanted to broker peace.

Ridge and Thorne may retaliate against Dollar Bill

Soap Dirt indicates that Steffy's loose tongue will cause all kinds of chaos. Brooke will be fighting for her marriage and Dollar Bill may once again be fighting for his life. The spoiler says that Thorne and his older brother cannot even tolerate hearing Mr.

Spencer's name in their presence and may take action against him, each for his own reasons. Ridge continues to believe his daughter was manipulated into sleeping with Bill Spencer and now Brooke has kissed him. He is angry beyond measure and may decide to take matters into his own hands.

The spoiler says Katie will feel guilty about getting full custody after Brooke told her Ridge bribed the judge.

This week she will allow her ex-husband to spend more time with his son than the judge has allowed for. Soap Dirt teases that Thorne will not like this move and after talking with his brother the siblings may determine to take Bill Spencer out of the picture for good. "The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.