The Brown family, who star in TLC’s “Sister Wives,” moved from their four homes in Las Vegas, Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona in July -- according to the Arizona Daily Sun.

Pro-polygamist Kody Brown packed up their households with his legal wife Robyn and his three common law wives (Meri, Janelle, and Christine) to make the move from Las Vegas after moving there in 2011. Flagstaff attracted the family for a number of reasons, including the “cooler temperatures” and “mountain air,” according to the family patriarch.

While the Browns believe in polygamy, Kody is not legally married to four women.

He is currently married to Robyn. He and his first legal wife, Meri, divorced in 2014 so that Robyn’s children from a previous relationship could have the same benefits as the rest of Kody’s biological children after adopting them. The Browns explained in past episodes of “Sister Wives” that they have a spiritual bond and commitment, which Arizona Central also pointed out.

Polygamy is a felony in Arizona

The Browns are as unlikely to adopt a truly polygamous lifestyle in Arizona as they were when they lived in Utah (prior to moving to Vegas). Marrying more than one person in Arizona, like Utah, is bigamy, which is illegal. A polygamous marriage amounts to a felony.

When the Brown family packed and left Utah for Nevada, it was in the middle of the night.

The family was afraid that they could face prosecution for their plural relationship lifestyle, according to TLC. Kody and the “Sister Wives” felt persecuted, and felt like their religious freedom was hindered.

TLC posted news of the Browns' move to Arizona on its website on July 10. The network also relayed that Flagstaff was their chosen destination.

Before making the big move, sister wife Janelle Brown shared a post on July 5 on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, stating that she was in the Flagstaff area with Maddie, Caleb, Axel, Savanah, and Garrison.

While with the Brown children, she indicated that she escaped the Las Vegas temperatures for the Fourth of July.

The Brown family returns to TLC on 'Sister Wives' in 2019

The Browns have faced a lot during the past 12 seasons of “Sister Wives": the family moved, Meri and Kody divorced, Meri was catfished by a woman she believed was a man, Maddie, Caleb, Mykelti, and Aspyn have each had weddings, Mariah moved away from home to attend college, Meri went to a gay bar for the first time with Mariah, Logan got engaged, and the Browns welcomed their first grandson.

"Sister Wives” will continue to invite viewers to follow their lives during Season 13 of the TLC reality show, which is scheduled to air sometime in 2019, according to TLC. The family’s move to Arizona will reportedly be included in the upcoming season.

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