Kathryn Dennis has been fairly low-key following the arrest of her ex Thomas Ravenel. Dennis stars on Bravo’s reality show “Southern Charm,” which Ravenel stated that he quit. Bravo has a different take on his departure, following Ravenel’s arrest in South Carolina on September 25. He faces charges of assault and battery from a reported incident dating back to January 2015, according to Fox News. Bravo stated that Ravenel will not be filming the upcoming season of the show in light of his legal problems.

Dennis is the mother of Ravenel’s two young children, son Saint and daughter Kensie.

She has her attention on her children, rather than on Ravenel’s legal troubles, People pointed out. However, a few hours after Ravenel was arrested, she posted a brief message on her Twitter account.

Media, social media fans unsure what Dennis’ tweet means

The meaning of her tweet is open to interpretation. She noted that people in Mount Pleasant were holding signs on the side of the road that stated #believesurvivors. The Hollywood Gossip reported on Sept. 26 that Dennis’ social media comment was potentially in reference to Ravenel’s arrest. People viewed the message as if was written about protestors objecting to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination process. Dennis did not clarify.

Bravo star’s focus on her son and daughter, shares photo

In addition to her Twitter post, Dennis also shared a photo on her Instagram account that was anything but cryptic. The picture is of her children, Saint and Kensie. She included the caption, “Everything in life to me.” No chance of misinterpreting that statement.

Dennis has withheld commenting even while she was a direct target of Ravenel’s Twitter tirade on September 22, so it should come as no surprise that she is thinking of her children above everything else right now.

Plus, the situation also means that her children may eventually Google their father, as the Hollywood Gossip wrote.

Statements that Dennis posts could very well be read by Saint and by Kensie. She is giving them priority, not wanting to write about their father in a way that might hurt them. Ravenel, on the other, could have some serious explaining to do when his children mature and could start asking questions.

On the heels of his arrest, people who know Ravenel far better than television viewers, fans and social media followers, are starting to talk about him. The picture that the words are painting is not a very pleasant one, that’s for sure.

Ravenel seems to have a ‘dark side’ when he drinks

In terms of entertainment news, People is a reputable publication. In an article dated Sept. 26, a source was cited that Ravenel’s co-stars claiming that he is “toxic.” The Hollywood Gossip reported that they believe the former reality star has a “dark side” to his personality.

That he appeared to “become a different person” under the influence of alcohol is disconcerting. According to the Hollywood Gossip, the nanny who accused Ravenel of sexual assault and he the woman who alleges that Ravenel attacked her on a date both contend that he “transforms” when he is intoxicated.

During Bravo’s “Southern Charm” reunion in July, Fox News reported that the program’s host, Andy Cohen, that she is not commenting as long as Ravenel’s legal problems are ongoing. She said that she is “staying out of it.”

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