Thomas “TRav” Ravenel formerly of “Southern Charm,” had an active Saturday night on social media. On September 22, the ex-reality show cast member went on Twitter only to pen a rambling tirade about the mother of his two young children, Kathryn Dennis, co-star Craig Conover, sometimes girlfriend Ashley Jacobs, and, certainly not least of all, Bravo, the show’s host-network, according to a report by the Reality Blurb on September 24.

While on his social media rant, Ravenel, 56, lobbed rather shocking allegations about Kathryn Dennis, his ex-girlfriend and mom to his small children, and former co-star Craig Conover, who has been focused on assisting in relief efforts following Hurricane Florence.

Neither Dennis nor Conover have given attention to another Ravenel rant – for now, at least. Dennis has been busy with the creation of her children’s furniture line that is known as Kensie + Saint, named after the daughter and son she shares with Ravenel.

Ravenel tweeting against former castmates to imprint his lofty stature

The ex-cast member of “Southern Charm” seemed to be under the impression that Conover is allegedly responsible for “keeping” Dennis away from home overnight while the two of them were “doing drugs,” according to the Decider. Ah, here he goes again. Or, as the Reality Blurb sees it, TRav is “at it again.” What does a typical 56-year-old man do on a Saturday night? Well, Ravenel is not your typical man.

After all, he suffered a fall from grace as the former State Treasurer of South Carolina when he was indicted and sentenced to prison in 2008 for reportedly disturbing cocaine. Maybe prison changed him.

Regardless of Ravenel’s criminal past, maybe he needed to make a point or quite a few when he chose the targets for unfurling accusations.

One thing he wanted to make clear before deleting his angry tweets is that he most certainly will not go back to “Southern Charm,” the Reality Blurb pointed out. Okay, now that that is understood, he also impressed his belief that his former co-stars are “boring.” What? They don’t rant on social media, as he has done on more than one occasion.

Not only did TRav’s twitter-time include his view that his former castmates are boring, he had to dig in deeper to belittle them, stating that he was purely patronizing at dinner parties hosted by Patricia Altschul when affected monosyllabic speech so that “Cameran [Eubanks] and Craig could keep up,” Reality Blurb reported. How kind of him.

TRav’s ex tests clean for drugs

While TRav has insinuated that Dennis and Conover did drugs together, it has been a well-known fact that she did have some issues with drugs in the past. Since that time, each of her drug tests has returned with clean results, indicating that she seems to be on a good path in life. When TRav has acted out on Twitter previously, Dennis took the high road by not focusing on his behavior.

After all, he is the father of her children and does have to work with him for amicable custody arrangements.

Former reality star’s relationship status is murky

TRav appeared to have a lot on his mind while he tweeted. He included Ashley Jacobs, as well, in his messages. While it is not clear if TRav and Jacobs are, once again, dating or a couple, their relations are most definitely complicated to define. She is his girlfriend at times, but then they split before getting back together. It also seems that TRav is as confused as are “Southern Charm” fans about where the relationship stands.

Ravenel alluded to Ashley when he told a Twitter account user that he doesn’t “date people with zero integrity.” A different Twitter user then posed the question, asking if he and Ashley still date.

Ravenel provided a murky one-word response: “Perhaps.” Quite possibly an account user, who goes by the moniker “Formerly Brightly5” accurately summarized the impression held by many followers: “Looks like someone wants back on the show!” Though Ravenel is adamant about not going back to any show on Bravo, Jacobs has stated that she does want to return. Her hope is that she can attain redemption.

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