Thomas Ravenel, 56, is the former disgraced South Carolina State Treasurer who turned reality show cast member. He has faced arrest and criminal charges twice in his life. His latest encounter with law enforcement took place on September 25, when he was arrested, booked, and faced a judge during a bond hearing. He stands charged and accused of assault and battery against his formerly employed nanny. The nanny was identified only by the name “Dawn.” His accuser hopes for justice and his former "Southern Charm" castmates reportedly say he's "toxic," according to People.

Before his arrest on September 25, Ravenel appeared unhinged on Twitter, when he launched into a rambling rant against people who appeared closest to him on the Bravo network reality show “Southern Charm.” He held himself out on Twitter in the highest of self-esteem while belittling cast members Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, and Patricia Altschul, who graciously included him in her elegant and exclusive dinner parties.

Ravenel unravels on social media

While engaged in a circuitous diatribe on social media, he saved the worst of his comments for Conover, along with his ex and the mother of his two young children, Kathryn Dennis, along with his sometimes girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. Ravenel seemed to unravel.

He accused Conover of keeping Dennis out overnight while she did drugs, though she has had clean drug tests for a sustained duration. Conover was focused on helping with relief efforts following Hurricane Florence and did not respond to Ravenel's rant.

Additionally, Ravenel told a fan that he does not date people without integrity, meaning Ashley Jacobs.

At this time, it is uncertain whether Bravo will invite Jacobs to rejoin the cast of “Southern Charm,” though she has stated that she very much wants to return to the show.

Former star’s attack on co-stars was unprovoked

A reasonable and logical question that fans and followers might have is whether Ravenel knew or foresaw imminent arrest.

If he was aware, that knowledge could have been the tipping point for the vitriol that spewed from his brain to his fingertips when he unleashed his Twitter tirade only three days before he was taken into police custody.

Regardless of whether Ravenel or his attorney were apprised by law enforcement that he was slated for eventual arrest, his attack against people he claimed to care about was mean and seemingly unprovoked. Ravenel did not intimate that they might be boring or beneath his ability to articulate on a higher plane, he flat-out posted direct insults on Twitter.

Accused faced judge for bond hearing, released on own recognizance

Following his arrest, he was booked and taken before a judge for a bond hearing. His bond was originally set at $20,000 yet he was released on his own recognizance. Not so fast, however. The judge ordered the former South Carolina State Treasurer to surrender his passport. Ravenel, after all, disgraced his good name when he was accused and pleaded guilty in 2007 to cocaine distribution. He has a history with the state’s penal system.

Taking no chances, the judge additionally ordered that Ravenel have zero contact with his accuser, the woman who reported to police that she was sexually assaulted and physically injured by him in 2015 while she was working as his nanny.

Accuser ‘Nanny Dawn’ addresses court, speaks to media

The woman identified by People as “Nanny Dawn” on September 26, told the publication that she was not aware that Ravenel was slated for arrest. When he was actually taken into law enforcement custody she felt “unprepared and exhausted.” She took the opportunity she was offered in giving the court a victim impact statement.

“Dawn” is a realist. She is hopeful that the court will hold Ravenel accountable for the crimes she alleges that he committed against her yet realizes that statistics reflect the probability that he could go “unpunished,” People noted.

Castmates react to co-star’s exclusion from filming

In reporting about “Dawn,” People also published an article presenting his castmatesreaction to Ravenel's arrest. The publication relayed information from an undisclosed source. While generally, such reporting might not be viewed as credible as a source going on record, it is understandable why the source’s name is not disclosed in light of Ravenel’s past propensity for unleashing his wrath against people – even those believed to be closest to him.

His former co-stars, according to People and its source, consider Ravenel “toxic.” His former “Southern Charm castmates are “happy” that he is off the show and that the will resume filming the upcoming season without him.

Bravo confirmed on September 25 that Ravenel is not returning for the next season. His co-stars were reported “disgusted” with Ravenel.

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