There are always rumors flying about the Duggar Family. Jana Duggar is too old to still be a single girl. There has been some talk that maybe she is into women and that is the reason she hasn't gotten married. Jana also has a really good friend that is a girl and some fans think they are a couple. This friend Laura DeMasie is now denying the rumors.

Jana Duggar has said in the past that she is waiting for the right guy. She made it clear she likes men with a little dirt on their hands. Jana wants someone who works hard. For now, the fans will just have to wait and see who she ends up with, but Jana isn't going to just settle.

She is hoping to just find the right guy and it just hasn't happened for her, so far. Hopefully, it happens soon and the fans can watch it all on "Counting On" on TLC.

Jana Duggar rumors

The rumors swirling are that Jana Duggar is into her friend Laura DeMasie. These girls do spend a lot of time together, but that doesn't mean anything at all. They are just good friends, but fans think there could be more to it. The rumors circulated, a while back, and recently heated up again.

You have to remember that the Duggar children aren't allowed to have any social networks until they actually start courting. Since Jana isn't courting anyone yet she isn't allowed to speak out on a social network and defend herself.

Luckily, she had people who would do it for her.

The rumors denied

Derick Dillard and Laura DeMasie both made sure to deny these rumors on Twitter. Derick is known for sharing his thoughts on social networks and not holding back at all. A fan asked Derick about it on Twitter and he simply replied saying, "Uh no." The fans didn't think that was a good enough answer.

After that, the conversation kept going on Twitter. Someone else said, “Derick you should have put just ‘no.’ The ‘uh’ implies you don’t know lol, so this is not confirmation for the masses." He replied to it saying, “I said ‘uh’ because I didn’t get the sense it was a serious question. And your follow-up kinda proved my point.”

It isn't shocking that Derick would stick up for Jana Duggar.

The thing is, Laura decided to get in on it too. She said, "How about this then: No." There doesn't seem like there is any reason for fans to think [VIDEO] that Laura and Jana are a couple anymore, but that doesn't mean that it will stop the rumors.

Don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they air on Monday nights on TLC. Hopefully, Jana will find love when the time is right for her.