Celebrity Luann de Lesseps was a guest on “The Dr. Oz Show” on May 9. According to the “Real Housewives of New York” (“RHONY”) star, she admittedly consumed more alcohol that she “usually would,” before her Christmas Eve arrest in Palm Beach, Florida, People TV noted.

Luann recounted the happenings before her arrest for Dr. Oz. She stated that she was en route to a wedding in Chile and checked into a hotel. She planned to jet to her destination from Miami. While she and a friend had lunch, the duo split a bottle of light pink Whispering Angel wine.

In addition, some “RHONY” fans were also where she was dining with her friend. They ordered some more wine for Luann. As a result, she stated that she drank too much or more than she normally would. Instead of stopping with the wine, the reality star also had a couple of martinis.

‘Sloshed’ reality star wonders if she was drugged

Luann described herself as “sloshed” when she reached the hotel. From that point forward, she stated that she “doesn’t remember a thing,” The Hollywood Gossip relayed.

She further said that she “almost” believes someone might have slipped her something, such as a drug.

Based on Luann’s description, it sounds as if she experienced a blackout from far too much alcohol consumption. She appeared to answer Dr. Oz in vintage Countess Luann candor. He asked whether she thinks of herself as an alcoholic.

In honesty, she told him that she does not know.

Luann surprises ‘RHONY’ fans, admits to self-medicating

One thing she did state in a straightforward manner, that caught many fans by surprise, was that she owns up to self-medicating. In her words, she thinks that she’s a "self-medicator,” Hollywood Gossip pointed out.

Quite possibly, Luann has had tacit assistance in overindulging.

One viewer who uses the Twitter moniker “NurseWarrior“ (@ForensicNurse91) asked Dr. Oz what many fans are likely wondering, too. The account holder asked about the extent that Bravo is “encouraging drinking.”

As the user indicated in tweeting, the more reality show cast members drink, the more extreme they seem to behave. Quite possibly, alcohol gets out of hand, for some.

Fans of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” hosted by Andy Cohen have noticed the free-flow of alcohol. Even though the network does not push drinking or drinking irresponsibly, it also does not appear that Bravo discourages drinking on-set when there is generally a guest bartender mixing and serving drinks.

Real housewife cast member charged with misdemeanors and felony

Hollywood Gossip has presented an interesting question, as well. The publication is pondering if law enforcement tested Luann for “anything else” in addition to her blood-alcohol level. The Bravo star was taken into police custody at the Colony Hotel. She was accused of misdemeanor intoxication, as well as misdemeanor trespassing from going into the wrong hotel room.

More seriously, Luann was charged with a felony for allegedly using violence to resist arrest. Several earlier news accounts reported that Luann kicked an officer. Luann went to rehab in January shortly after her arrest. She told US Weekly that it wasn’t “pretty” when she saw herself as others have in the widely circulated videotape of her arrest shared online.