Our world, a world booming with state of the art audio visual entertainment, more immersive than it has ever been, mutating and evolving with each passing day. Story weavers and animator alike, joining forces to come together and birth their brainchildren, unleashing their art and creativity onto the residents of this planet, who are forever hungry for any form of escape from reality.

"Rick and Morty" has been an absolute smashing hit in every manner of the word.

From the day the show was first released to the public, to today, as a ginormous fan following waits patiently for what will be its fourth season, the show has garnered every aspect of name, fame, reach, and automated publicity that any and every show creator and runner would aspire to achieve at least once in their lifetime.

The steady march to glory

"Rick and Morty" as a show has received mixed reviews over its span, most of the negative reviews bordering along the basal idea of the reviewers spewing negativity simply because the show is so good, they seem to want to dig up some no good gossip, or just be straight out and plain salty. Good or bad, every bit of it has only assisted in propelling the show further to superstardom, earning it viral recognition, sponsorship, retail giant collaborations, fandom amidst celebrities, you name it.

In a recent turn of events, as it is certain that "Rick and Morty" is here to stay, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim ordered 70 episodes of the show, seemingly making Rick Sanchez’s gag of 100 Years "Rick and Morty" a conceivable reality.

This talk of the town was overpowered by much fresher and happening news that took the internet and the collective fandom by storm.

Yeezus Christ

"Rick and Morty" co-creator Justin Roiland reached out to his fans on twitter making an official announcement about the 70 new episodes ordered by the broadcasting network. This tweet was quick to reach far and wide in no time as it rightfully should, easing the minds of the fandom across the world.

One very special fan, however, retweeted Justin's tweet expressing their delight on the great news and that the show has been their favorite, with them having watched each episode at least 5 times. This special fan is none other than Kanye West himself.

Justin wasted no time and quickly responded to Kanye’s tweet, letting him know that he wanted them to hang out soon, and have a good time, as existence is a blink. This fine series of tweets have left the fandom in orgasmic delight to know that their favorite show is larger than ever now.

If Kanye were to collaborate in any way whatsoever, "Rick and Morty" would rocket off the charts, making it harder, better, faster, stronger.