Reality star Kim Zolciak dropped a misguided belief bomb following the third part of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (“RHOA”) reunion show. Zolciak was visibly shaken. She holed up in a bathroom with the show’s host, Andy Cohen. Kim’s husband, Kroy Biermann, and co-star Sheree Whitfield were also in the restroom while a camera was rolling.

Kim seemed to have been thinking that Andy and the others would be empathetic listeners. She bemoaned that she was mistreated by cast mates who were on-set for the show’s reunion. The video of Kim conveying her stance to Andy has, since, gone viral.

It goes from bad to worse rather rapidly. The more Kim speaks, the deeper she sinks herself, while, it appears, she stuns her generally supportive husband Kroy.

Tape viewers can discern Kroy looking on and appearing attentive. His facial expression changes the more his wife speaks. His jaw drops. He’s seen standing with his mouth literally wide open.

Video shows ‘RHOA’ star saying racism exists because of social media

Kim’s position, as she explained it, is that racism does not really exist or… it wouldn’t if only there weren’t any social media. Huh? Take away social media will make racism disappear?

Initially hearing the words come from her filler-injected lips seemed surreal. Yet as she continued with her diatribe, it was soon patently clear that Kim was serious and actually believed what she was telling Andy – and, now everyone in the world who may choose to watch the video).

It is impossible to gauge what every single person, who has watched the video, was left feeling and to know each person’s impressions. It cannot be positive toward what Kim stated. However, it is good that she let her lips run away with her thoughts. Now, people know where she stands.

Reality star’s views are disconcerting

If her opener to Andy during her bathroom retreat didn’t shock fans and social media followers, then, is it quite possible they share a meeting of the minds (with Kim)and are ignorant of how racism hurts so many in contemporary society and historically in the United States.

The type of ignorance, indifference, or denial that she spewed was disconcerting and disturbing.

Essence, People, E! News, and additional media outlets have totally captured and relayed the disturbing discourse that Kim chose to reveal herself and her thoughts about racism. Also, it was Essence that noted that Kim “retreated” – when and where she unloaded her troubled mind in the bathroom.

How apropos that Kim chose a place that gets as full of it as her views toward racism.

There is no need to take any publication’s word for what Kim said and the risk that people may think her words are misconstrued. The only thing that is twisted in what Kim stated, is her own thinking.

Social media heated up after viral video

Social media users have not withheld sharing their opinions after seeing the video and hearing Kim definitely say, “Racism wasn’t all that real.” In response to Kim’s assessment, an Instagram user (@_yasminedavis) noted for Kim’s benefit, “I think your wig may be on too tight.” Another Instagram account holder wrote, “Even her man knew she was a dummy when she said, ‘racism wasn’t all that real.’ My my...

what a time to be so old and stupid. Sad!”

Will Kim still be on reality TV after giving her take and interpreting life through the lens of a Caucasian American? Maybe she really didn’t mean it when she said that her former co-stars owe “this world an apology for this racism s**t.” She believes African American women should apologize to the world? She won’t be on "RHOA" since she parted ways with the Network. Reality TV needs to send Kim packing for good.