At the end of season five of "When Calls the Heart," they revealed that Jack died and fans were shocked by this news. It has been revealed that Daniel Lissing was ready to move on and won't be coming back to the show. New huge spoilers are out for the upcoming seasons and it turns out they want Elizabeth to find love again. This is something the fans might not be able to handle.

Executive producer Brian Bird gives inside scoop

Executive producer Brian Bird is one of the few people who would know what is going to happen in future episodes of "When Calls the Heart." Brian does a great job of talking to the Hearties and sharing what he can.

Recently on Facebook, a fan asked commented: “I think if the Christmas special and Season 6 doesn’t dwell on Jack’s passing, things will be just fine."

Brian actually responded to this fan and said, "Of course it won’t. Jack will always be with Elizabeth through her child, and with the children of the town on the school house wall, but he wanted her to find love again... and I think you can count on that happening." The fans are pretty shocked at this idea considering that everyone feels like Jack and Elizabeth are the perfect couple. The show won't even back until 2019.

Another thing that Brian made it sound like is that there is a new mountie coming to town. It might be a bit much if they had Elizabeth end up with him considering it would be so much like her first love story on the show.

Would Jack want this?

Jack wants Elizabeth to be happy and he left her a note in case he died. In it, he made it clear that he would be okay with her finding love again if it worked out. She will always love Jack and will have a part of him since she is pregnant with his child now. It will be difficult for anything to compare to their love story.

You never know what "When Calls the Heart" will end up doing, but they could end up doing a time jump. A lot of fans don't like that idea, but you just never know how it will end up going. It has already been confirmed that season six will be airing in 2019 on Hallmark.

Do you think that they should let Elizabeth find love again or is this a bad choice?

Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss "When Calls the Heart" when it will return to Hallmark in 2019 with season six. There is still hope for a Christmas special like they have done in the past, but there is no confirmation that this will happen yet. Brian simply ignored that when talking about what would come next for the show.