Tonight on the big season finale of "When Calls the Heart," they finally gave fans the answer about a huge cliffhanger they left them with last week. This show started with fans wanting to know if Jack died and they didn't wait at all to reveal it. Blasting News already shared that some of the fans are planning to boycott the show if this happened.

What happened on the finale?

At the very start of the show, they let fans know that Jack had passed away. This leaves the town full of so many widows. They started out sharing that it was three weeks later.

Someone came into town and they thought Elizabeth would be with them but turned out that she had been dropped off somewhere else.

Then they went on to the funeral and showed that Jack had passed away. He died a hero as he was leading a group of recruits to the mountain. They ended up having a landside and Jack pushed two of his men out of the way. He saved their lives but lost his own in the process.

Abigail had a letter from Jack that was to be passed on to Elizabeth if anything ever happened to him. They also gave Elizabeth the horse that belonged to Jack. Elizabeth actually realized she might not be able to stay living in Hope Valley and she had been losing her appetite.

How can the show go on?

The love story of Jack and Elizabeth was a huge part of the show "When Calls The Heart," but there is also a lot more to this show. They have a lot of various other storylines they can go with and of course, the way that everyone helps Elizabeth to make it through this hard time in her life. She still has a life to live and now she has to learn how to do it without Jack by her side every single day.

As the end of the show approached, fans were hoping for some kind of twist that would make this story get a least a bit of a happy ending. The children made the choice to name the school The Jack Thorton School as a tribute to him and all of the things that he did for their school. They even teased that if it wasn't for him they would still be having school in the saloon.

Elizabeth is back to teaching and somehow moving on with her life even though Jack is now gone.

At the very end, the smell of coffee made Elizabeth rush to the bathroom sick, proving what everyone hoped for that she was expecting a baby. It looks like Jack will live on in his own way.

Were you shocked to see that "When Calls the Heart" went ahead and killed off Jack so soon after marrying Elizabeth? The fans really want details about why they made this choice. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new season of "When Calls the Heart" when it returns to Hallmark. It has already been renewed.