The fans of "When Calls the Heart" are still in shock over the fact that Jack has passed away. They are begging for a Daniel Lissing return, but it doesn't look like that will happen considering he revealed that he chose to move on. Erin Krakow went to her Instagram to tease a bit about season six. The show has already been renewed, but it won't be back until 2019, so don't expect to see new episodes soon.

Future surprises are coming

Erin Krakow went to her Instagram and shared that surprises are coming, but the thing is she didn't tell the fans very much at all.

She posted a cute picture with Lori Loughlin that said, "Did @loriloughlin & I call each other to coordinate our outfits before lunch? No.Does it look like we did? Yes.Did we take this bathroom selfie right after learning secrets about Season 6? Maaaaaaaaybe." It looks like these two are learning new stuff that will be coming, but of course, she isn't sharing the details with the fans.

This post is really popular with the fans with almost 30,000 likes. Everyone is going crazy and hoping that this means that Jack will be back. One fan does realize there is more story to tell and said, "Most people are mad Jack (allegedly) died BUT that means Elizabeth and Abigail will have something else to bond over as friends and become even closer to each other." These two are already really close and it is just going to keep getting better for them.

What will happen next?

It has already been shared that Jack will not be back. The fans saw his funeral at the end of season five after they announced his death. One big thing that is coming is now Elizabeth is pregnant with Jack's baby. This is going to be a huge twist for the show leaving her as a widow and a single mother in a town full of people who can relate to living this lifestyle.

There has been some hope that Jack would even be recast, but it really doesn't sound like that is going to happen either. Instead, you can expect to see Elizabeth living her life without Jack, but this is also going to be a challenge. Erin and Lori aren't spilling any secrets, but hopefully, as they get closer to the next season they will start to share a little bit about what the fans can expect next season.

Are you excited for season six of "When Calls the Heart"? Do you think that the show can go on without Jack? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss "When Calls the Heart" when it returns to Hallmark in 2019 with new episodes for season six.