This season on "Vanderpump Rules" everyone saw Scheana Marie Shay with Rob Parks Valletta and they seemed great. Rob and Scheana were getting along well, but it really did look like she was a bit more into him than he was into her. Well, tonight on the reunion Scheana admitted that they aren't together anymore. If you follow the news you would know this, but a lot of fans were finding out for the first time. So what happened with these two?

When did they split?

Rob and Scheana actually called it quits back in October of 2017. At the time, she made it sound like they might end up getting back together.

Scheana said their split was just "Because of work commitments." Not long after that, she said they were on good terms. Scheana Marie made it sound like they would get back together, but tonight on the big reunion it didn't seem like there was any chance they would reunite. It also sounds like there is a lot more to the split than the fact that they were working so hard.

Scheana shared a few details on a Podcast saying, "Everything that transpired after [the accusation that Rob kissed another girl] that ultimately led to us breaking up was just really frustrating because after everything my ex-husband and I went through on the show, we didn’t divorce because of the show." She also made it sound like Rob wasn't willing to fight for her and their relationship.

They were friends with benefits for a bit, then just friends, but it doesn't sound like they are getting back together now. It wouldn't surprise anyone if Scheana and Rob reconnected, but don't expect it for now.

How is Scheana Marie now?

If Scheana Marie has found a new man, then she hasn't shared the news just yet. She has been working in Las Vegas really hard on her show "Sex Tips for a Straight Woman from a Gay Man." Scheana seems to be really happy doing this show and just living her life.

If you follow her on social networks, she is going out a lot in Las Vegas and just having fun.

Scheana seems to have moved on with her life and is doing fine without Rob. She will continue to be on "Vanderpump Rules," so you know that the fans will get to see who she ends up with next.

Are you shocked that Rob Parks Valletta and Scheana Marie Shay aren't together anymore?

Don't miss the rest of the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion on Bravo on Monday night. Things are getting pretty wild this season as Jax is in tears and everyone says exactly how they feel. They don't seem to be holding back at all.