Celebrity Corey Feldman was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, March 27, after he was attacked in his car and stabbed. Corey Feldman claims a group of unknown men had been following his car Tuesday night and while stopped at a traffic light, one of the men yanked open his car door and stabbed him in the stomach with a very sharp object.

Celebrity Corey Feldman claims Hollywood is full of dirty child molesters

The "Lost Boys" star told TMZ that he was being followed by a car of full of men after he left from a dinner outing. He claims he noticed a car behind him driving very erratically.

He also reveals that the car caused a crash on the freeway, Feldman claims he then exited the freeway and a car looking like the one he had noticed earlier came up behind him.

Former child star reveals he fears for his life

This is where things get a bit strange. Corey states that while stopped at a red light his security guard had words with someone in the car and this is when another guy ripped open Corey's car door and jabbed him in the gut with either a knife or syringe. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital to find that the wound was small and had drawn only a small amount of blood. The cops were called to the hospital to get his account of the attack.

Feldman believes one of two things happened; he was either a victim of a road rage attack, or someone has targeted him for spilling the beans on them in his pedophile accusation case.

He feels this attack could have been a message or even an attempt on his life from someone who is afraid of Feldman outing them to the authorities.

Corey Feldman wasted no time sharing his horrific attack with his Twitter followers posting,

Corey claims the LAPD is on the case, however, it appears that they have denied the claim according to Fox News reports.

Officer Garcia, who arrived at the hospital stated, "Upon the investigation [it was] determined there were no lacerations to his abdomen," Garcia said adding that the actor could not describe his alleged attacker or the weapon to police.

As previously, reported Corey has been stating publicly for years that he and late co-star and friend Corey Haim were sexually abused as very young child actors by a number of powerful Hollywood A-Listers, He has made it his mission in life to put a stop to these crimes.

In October of 2017, Feldman released a seven-minute video he dubbed as the "Truth Campaign," revealing his plans to expose a "pedophile ring" that was introduced to him when he was a child star. "Right off the bat I can name six names," he said. "One of them is still very powerful today." He also claims he has been living in constant fear ever since and has had numerous threats made against him.

The actor also set up a GOFundMe page asking for donations to aid in funding his film which he believes will help to put an end to the Hollywood pedophile ring that has been abusing child actors for decades. Now, following his recent stabbing, some believe Corey Feldman may have staged the attack in hopes of more support of his cause.

What are your thoughts on Corey Feldman's stabbing, do you believe he was really attacked?