A shocking new report has allegedly outed Charlie Sheen as the Hollywood A-lister who sexually assaulted actor Corey Haim when he was only 13 years old. The new report reveals that disgraced actor Charlie Sheen's disturbing acts go back many more years and are even more shocking than first believed. Radar Online and Perez Hilton are reporting this breaking news.

Charlie Sheen shocker revealed

It is claimed that Charlie Sheen took advantage of the very young and naive child star Cory Haim while the two actors were filming the 80s movie "Lucas." Charlie, who was 19 at the time of filming, is alleged to have introduced Haim to drugs and then reportedly raped the young teenage actor on set.

According to Haim's close inside friends, who have come forward speaking out on the late actor's behalf, following the non-consensual sex crime, Charlie became very cruel and mentally abusive to Corey.

Corey Haim's friends unite, revealing star's abuse

Former actor and close pal of Cory Haim, Dominick Brascia, stated during an open interview with a national tabloid magazine that Corey had described in detail his interaction with Sheen, stating that they had "smoked pot and had sex." Brascia also reveals that Corey had confided to him that he had made later attempts to hook back up with Sheen for sex, but Charlie had avoided his advances.

However, Haim and Sheen did hook up a few years later and reportedly had sex again, but this time it was Corey who had decided after the physical fling that he was not interested in Sheen, calling Charlie a "loser."

Brascia is not the only one who has come forward on Haim's behalf revealing the same information.

The report states that dozens of other sources connected to Corey Haim have also stepped forward revealing that just before his death in 2010, Haim named Charlie Sheen as one of the Hollywood big names who took advantage of him.

Haim's best friend and child actor co-star in films including "License to Drive" and "The Lost Boys," Corey Feldman, has been stating for years that he and Haim were both sexually abused by men in Hollywood as children.

Feldman has kept the names of the actor's abusers under wraps for several years, but, did reveal the abuse in his 2013 memoir book. Feldman never mentioned Charlie Sheen by name, but, only his treatment of Haim. However, Feldman has revealed over the years that he was "not a fan" of Charlie's because his behaviors had affected other people he knew.

So far, Charlie Sheen's reps have not responded to the shocking allegations, however, this is not the first time these types of accusations have been made about the former "Two and A Half Men" star. During Sheen's nasty divorce from former wife Denise Richards, she stated that on more than one occasion she had found Charlie viewing disturbing websites that featured underage boys and girls.

Richards, fearing for the safety of her daughters, signed an official declaration to stop Charlie Sheen from being permitted overnight visitations with the couple's daughters. As far as Corey Haim's friends, especially Corey Feldman are concerned, Charlie Sheen's abuse is what he believes sent Haim spiraling out of control with drug addiction, and is partly responsible for the actor's early death.

Finally, the report reveals that Charlie Sheen will never have to face criminal charges over his past crimes due to the Illinois (where "Lucas" was filmed) statute of limitations laws.

Sheen's wild and disturbing ways did not cease throughout his life. Over the years, Charlie has made news headlines numerous times with his addiction, legal issues, and bizarre behaviors. Past Charlie Sheen top media headlines include accidentally shooting former-fiance Kelly Preston, multiple trips to rehab for addiction issues, testifying against Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, and numerous domestic violence charges with multiple women.

However, it was Charlie Sheen's bizarre "tiger-blood warlock rant" and openly public battle with "Men" producer Chuck Lorre, and most recently his HIV reveal, that most recall.

One day, Charlie Sheen's life story is going to make for one interesting and shocking mini-series / TV series because, at only age 52, Charlie Sheen's dramas thus far could be only the tip of what appears to already be a massive iceberg.