Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie Strandifer’s exciting news was announced via a clip for a new episode of the show "Teen Mom OG" on Monday (March 26). The couple is expecting their first child together! The news comes shortly before the one-year anniversary of their elopementright before Ryan was taken away to a rehab facility in Texas. With a new baby on the way, Ryan's life is about to take a drastic turn. The question is, can he keep up with it? His recent arrest could suggest that he can't, but with all he's endured, he may surprise fans!

A report by the New York Daily News was used as a source for most of the information in this article.

A second baby Edwards

The news sparked controversy among the cast and fans of the show. Some are super excited for the couple and wish them nothing but the best, while others are repeatedly saying Ryan is a “s**** father” and “he will never change.” Both Ryan and Mackenzie have children from their previous relationships. Ryan is the father of nine-year-old Bentley, whom he shares with his ex and "Teen Mom OG" star, Maci Bookout.

Too much, too soon?

On Tuesday (March 27), Edwards was arrested at his home in Tennessee. He was arrested on one charge of a petition to revoke for violating probation from a previous heroin possession charge.

According to TMZ, on Wednesday (March 28), Edwards was released on bail. Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie, fights back saying her husband was and is "sober." No matter what you think of Mackenzie, this is a far from a believable statement, given everything the fans have seen over Edwards’ years on the show, up until now.

Fans Response

As we all know, fans are very critical. "Teen Mom OG" fans took to Twitter and went up in arms. Some people are super supportive of Edwards and everything he is going through with the arrest and his second baby on the way, while others are just not having it.

These are just some examples of what fans are saying.

What a week for "Teen Mom" fans, though. Ryan Edwards announced a second baby, and then got arrested just a day later. Some can't help but think the stress and the spotlight are getting to him. We can't do anything but sit and hope that Edwards can manage to get it together and be clean before his new son or daughter comes into the world.

With Ryan's battle with addiction, and his other affairs, what are your thoughts? Bringing a child into this world and raising him/her to be a good person is a hard thing, let alone for a couple who has their entire life broadcasted on television for entertainment. It can be done, but it is hard. Do you think Ryan will be able to pull it together? More importantly, do you think a year of marriage is too soon to bring another child into their family?

"Teen Mom OG" airs Monday nights at 9 PM ET on MTV.