"Teen Titans Go!" fans have been waiting quite a while for "Teen Titans Go! To The Movies" to be released.

There are only a few more months of waiting left and more details are being released, especially about cast members.

The most recently released celebrity star is the rapper, Lil Yachty.

Lil Yachty on the big screen

Lil Yachty, the self-proclaimed King of the Youth, has already started promoting his newest project- the role of Green Lantern in the "Teen Titans Go!" movie. Lil Yachty posted a trailer for the movie on Instagram that briefly shows his role.

In a classic superhero style, there's a diss towards Ryan Reynalds and his role as Green Lantern in the 2011 film. Although Lil Yachty's part in this trailer is extremely small, we're sure he'll be making big moves on the big screen.

Aside from his new film career, 2018 has already been a very busy year for Lil Yachty. Earlier this month he released his third studio album, "Lil Boat 2." The young rapper has also been doing a lot of collaborations with other rappers. He has already done a collaboration with Gucci Mane and Migos this year. His collaboration with Bhad Bhabie, "Gucci Flip Flops" is the most recent collaboration that Lil Yachty has been featured in. Between music and movies, it doesn't look like Lil Yachty will be slowing down anytime soon.

'Teen Titans Go! To The Movies'

"Teen Titans Go! To The Movies" is set to release in theaters on July 27, 2018. The title of the movie tells us exactly what the movie about. Robin decides the Teen Titans need a movie, and he's going to make sure they get one. All the best superheroes have movies, it only makes sense for them to have one too.

Of course, our beloved teens will make friends and enemies along the way, as everything is not always as it appears. We can expect, laughs, betrayal, and maybe even a little bit of drama in this youth-friendly movie.

For some of, the more exciting parts are all the featured celebrities. We've got Nicolas Cage as Superman, Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson, Halsey as Wonderwoman, and so many more amazing celebrities taking roles in the family movie of the summer.

Some older fans are hoping that many of these celebrities voice acting will have a live-action adaptation sometime in the future, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Be sure to catch "Teen Titans Go! To The Movies" in theaters this summer. It's definitely a movie you don't want to miss. Just remember July 27.