According to PWInsider, Jeff Hardy was in Birmingham, AL this past Tuesday for his check-up. Jeff Hardy got injured in October 2017 while wrestling in a match on WWE Monday Night Raw. After that injury, we have not seen The Charismatic Enigma in action since then. Hardy suffered a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum while headlining Raw as part of a Six-Pack match.

The Broken Hardys returning?

Before the Hardy Boys (Matt and Jeff) returned to WWE last year at Wrestlemania 33, they were wrestling in other promotions like TNA and ROH under the name of their very famous 'Broken' gimmick.

But when they came back to WWE, they could not use their gimmick as the did not have rights to use the gimmick. They have been wrestling with The Hardy Boys(their old gimmick). In fact, Jeff Hardy has not been using the face paint in WWE as well.

But now, WWE has bought the rights of 'Broken' gimmick and their are high chances that once Jeff Hardy is fit and fine to wrestle again in the ring, Matt Hardy could team with him to become a tag team which is very famously known as 'The Broken Hardys.' Currently, Matt Hardy is in WWE Raw where he is wrestling with the broken character but not using the word. He has used woken instead of broken character. There are rumors that he is waiting for his brother to form 'The Broken Hardys.'

The Charismatic Enigma

Jeff Hardy is a highflying wrestler with amazing skills and charisma.

His fans love him all around the world. He is also known as The Charismatic Enigma because of his mysterious character and the following which he receives from the WWE Universe.

Jeff Hardy has been wrestling for nearly 20 years now. He along with his brother, Matt Hardy is known as The Hardy Boys. He is a superstar who has been successful in both singles competition as well as a tag team with Matt Hardy.

Apart from WWE, Jeff Hardy also had a successful career other promotions like TNA and ROH.

He is a highflying, risk-taking charismatic enigma. He also had a gimmick named 'Willow' in TNA which received much appreciation back then. Jeff Hardy is a multi-time WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion and TNA World Champion.

He has defeated superstars like The Game Triple H, The Rated R Superstar Edge, CM Punk, The Deadman Undertaker, Broken Matt Hardy and many other great wrestlers. He faced his own brother Matt Hardy at Wrestlemania 25.

It remains to be seen if Jeff received a positive report from the WWE doctors, but it’s possible that if he gets cleared, he could be inserted into a storyline heading into WrestleMania.