"Dragon Ball Super" is close to its end. The show, as we all know will wrap up on March 25. The upcoming episode 129, titled as "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!" will feature an ultimate battle between Goku and Jiren. Son Goku will be in his Ultra Instinct Mastered form. The spoilers suggest that he will be more powerful than ever. Jiren is said to be happy with Goku's new powers as he thinks that he has now got an opponent with strength similar to him. According to ComicBook, "Seeing Goku's rising battle power, Jiren cracks a smile!"

After entering his Ultra Instinct form, his hair and eyes will become silver.

The kind that he had been using until now was a partial transformation. While many believed that the Ultra Instinct form had already hit him, it hadn't. Looking at how things are starting to pan out for the fighters in the next episode, the chances of Goku making trouble for Jiren are high. Freeza is also expected to feature in Episode 129. The episode will release on March 4. The creators are expected to give next week a skip as well for reasons unknown. According to Omnitos, "This week’s Jiren: Not ready to lose he releases his full strength! Goku’s rising power steals a smile from Jiren! In return, Jiren puts all of his hidden strength into his fists and strikes Goku!"

The ending of the anime

Chapter 130 will play a huge role deciding the fate of the "Dragon Ball Super." Meanwhile, the Episode 131 and the last of "Universe Survival" arc is named as “goodbye, Goku...

Until the Day We Meet Again.” One of the major twists might take place in this part of the show. Fans might witness Frieza not getting defeated until the end of the Tournament of Power and Universe 6 gets resurrected. Currently, the tournament has only two minutes left.

It is worth noting that in Episode 128, titled "Noble Pride to the End!

Vegeta Falls!!" Vegeta got defeated by Jiren. We can expect to see more of this on Saturday when the event will air.

The new movie

The franchise has also confirmed that the new "Dragon Ball" movie is releasing this December. It will focus on the history of Saiyans. Akira Toriyama is working on its script and the characters.

Fans can expect a number of new characters in the upcoming movie. As it will focus on the origins of Saiyan, there are chances that Goku and Vegeta will feature in it. The trailer and the name of the film are expected to come out by mid-2018. The upcoming movie will be the 20th installation of the franchise. Yamoshi, the original Super Saiyan God, and Planet Sadala will also feature in the film.