Catelynn Lowell has been away in rehab and after 34 days she is back to Twitter once again. The fans have missed hearing from her. On Wednesday, she tweeted, saying "Cannot wait to see my family soon!!! @TylerBaltierra." Along with it, she posted three heart emojis. The reality star didn't share how soon she would be home, but it sounds like she is close to being done with her treatment.

How is Catelynn Lowell doing now?

Catelynn has been away in rehab to work on herself and it appears things are going well for her. She is actually in Arizona at a place that focuses on helping with mental health issues.

Lowell hasn't been shy about the fact that she has been battling depression.

Tyler Baltierra and her daughter, Nova, 3, are back in Michigan waiting for her. On February 10, Catelynn did get the chance to see Tyler when he came to visit her at the program’s Family Week. After visiting, Tyler made it very obvious that he was looking forward to their future together and that he loved getting to see her again as well. It sounds like Tyler is just as excited for Catelynn to be home as she is to be heading back to her normal life.

Tyler fires back at fans

Some fans have been going to Twitter and saying that Tyler is part of the reason that Catelynn has issues. He was even blamed for making her feel bad about her weight.

He doesn't feel like he is part of the problem at all, though.

Tyler spoke out and said, "Cate has expressed to me how she doesn’t desire a ‘muscle headed tool’ because that’s not attractive to her & I responded. We started a diet together & asked to hold each other accountable to our commitments." After that, he admitted that he may be harsh with the way he says things sometimes, but he also owns up to it if he does say something that could be taken as rude.

As Tyler mentioned, they have been together for 12 years now, so they are very open with each other. Couples who have been together that long now know how to take each other, but the viewers might not always know how to take what Tyler says.

Tyler Baltierra also wanted everyone to know that he isn't the cause of her mental issues.

He went on to say, "Her mental health struggles derive from the chaotic & unstable upbringing we both endured.”

It sounds like Catelynn Lowell is doing better and has done what was the best choice for her. Spending this time away is hopefully exactly what she needed and she will be home soon. Don't miss watching Catelynn on new episodes of "Teen Mom OG" on Monday nights on MTV.