This week on a new episode of "Teen Mom OG" the fans saw Tyler Baltierra's sister Amber and were shocked with the way she looked. There were a lot of accusations that she was on drugs. Tyler actually spoke out and denied that there was anything to be concerned about when it comes to her. Now, Radar Online is sharing that Tyler's sister Amber has been arrested for drug charges in the past. This does make people wonder even more if she had been using or what was going on with her.

Amber's past arrest revealed

There is a court docket obtained from St.

Clair County Court that shows her arrest from back in 2013. At the time, she was picked up for possession of a controlled substance paraphernalia and operation in violation of license restriction. At the time, she had a bond of $500. She did plead guilty and got 20 days in jail for it. So far, this is the only arrest that has been revealed, but it does show that Amber has been involved with drugs in her past.

On the show Monday night, Butch even said "Your sister got me really kind of worried. She’s living with me so I see a whole lot nobody else sees." Her children were also living in that home. He went on to say, "Amber got me so worried. Those grandkids. I go to rehab then I abandon them.

I been taking care of everything over there. They got nothing to eat sometimes." Tyler made it sound like that wasn't true at all, though and said that the kids are taken care of right now. Maybe he is helping, but he didn't admit that.

Could she be using again?

Right now, the entire family is denying that Amber was using, but during her appearance on "Teen Mom OG" there were plenty of reasons for people to think that she was doing something.

She was complaining about the electricity getting shut off, but Tyler explained that it was only for four hours and was because she was changing stuff over to her name from her dad's name.

Tyler defended her on Twitter and Amber pretty much blamed it on the MTV editing. It is going to take a lot for her to prove to the fans that she isn't using, though.

Tyler and Amber's dad was headed off to rehab on the show, so who knows what was going on with them all in that house.

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